Tamiu Financial Agreement

Students must complete an FAFSA, not be late in payment with a federal student loan, comply with our saprance policy, participate in the ENTRANCE board at TAMIU and complete a promised master`s degree, meet all financial support requirements and register for a minimum of 6 hours per semester to qualify for a Federal Direct Loan. The Bursar office offers short-term book rentals to help students purchase textbooks. To apply for a book loan, the student must be registered, present their TAMIU student card, pay a $30.00 processing fee and apply to the Business Office. Students can borrow all of their textbooks with a signed estimate letter from the bookstore; Otherwise, the application will be processed for $25.00 per hour recorded ($75.00 for three (3) hourly courses) recorded at TAMIU. All payments must be completed by the middle of a semester. Funds are available on the basis of First-come First-served and additional fees may be charged late. For more information, please contact the Bursar Office at (956) 326-2140 or e-mail businessoffice@tamiu.edu. Students can register with Uconnect to indicate the status of their financial aid file. Click on the „My Business” tab and all financial support requirements are displayed on the left. Yes, depending on the type of help you receive. The funds will be allocated on the basis of their participation throughout the semester.

If support funds have already been provided and you have received public and/or federal funds (Title IV), you must repay the amount of undeserved grants that will be paid to you on the basis of your payment date. If you resign within 60% of the enerterm, we must recalculate your eligibility under the „return to Title IV” formula prescribed by the Confederation. This calculation determines the percentage of aid received during university participation. You should contact the Vice President`s Office for Student Success in order to obtain the payment form. The form must be completed and the corresponding signatures obtained. The completed form can be submitted in one of the following methods: submit personally to the Zaffirini Student Success Center (ZSC-Raum 224); Fax 956-326-2274; or email an attachment to studentsuccess@tamiu.edu. The refund is refunded to the student only if the student has not received financial assistance from Title IV government programs or programs. In cases where the student has received support from these programs, the reimbursement is repaid to programs in the following order: unsubsidized loans, subsidized loans, more loans, Pell Grant, FSEOG Grant, Institutional Grant (s), Texas Grant, other state programs and institutional scholarships. Getting Benefits for Veterans: The University offers a variety of resources to help Veterans. The number of credits you receive will affect your level of qualification, participation fees and student status.

GI Bill users must participate in the class and submit assigned work for benefits. Hazlewood/Legacy users can calculate trial times on their overall limit, even if you withdraw. For these reasons, you contact the Veterans Affairs Office before and after your calendar changes, so that you understand the impact this could have on your performance status or eligibility. For more information on the benefits of veterans, visit: www.tamiu.edu/veterans/. Students coming out of another university can receive financial assistance at our higher education institution if they have a full financial assistance file and if they respond to TAMIU`s policy of satisfactory academic progress. Starting in 2013-14, some free applications for federal student assistance (FAFSA) will be reported by the U.S. Department of Education for „unusual enrollment history,” as the student has received Pell federal scholarships in recent years at several institutions. Flags „2” and „3” require TAMIU to verify the student`s registration history and determine if the student is registering only enough