Software Service Agreement Template

Our standard agreements and conditions and Premium SaaS include SLAs for availability and support. In the SaaS/Cloud context, service levels generally refer to service availability. You can also refer to the response of support queries and/or resolution times. No warranties are provided by the developer in the software. A lawyer may contain the types of guarantees usually and if the alternative language is appropriate to provide limited guarantees. Whether the software is a „good” or „service” under the UCC varies from country to country and depends on the facts to determine the extent to which UCC guarantees will extend to the sale of software in litigation. A lawyer can discuss the likelihood of performance of the desired guarantees and design an appropriate language. 1.4 Support and maintenance. All support and maintenance services, updates, versions or new releases will be concluded as part of a separate agreement between the parties. The rights or maintenance or support obligations for third-party products or devices that are used in the software and are available through suppliers or manufacturers of such content and devices are assigned by the Developer to the Customer. The developer cannot use the intellectual property of a third party in the software without the written consent of the client. one. The services under the contract are provided by the staff of the supplier mentioned at Schedule _____________or other persons authorized in writing by the Customer.

If the staff of a particular supplier is critical to the success of the project, the client can commit to working full-time on the project and not be removed without the client`s consent. 2. Disputes, disputes, controversies or claims that arise between the parties as a result of or in connection with this agreement, or violation, termination, effect, validity, interpretation or application of this agreement, or their rights, obligations or obligations under this agreement, are settled by the parties through mutual negotiations and agreements. If, for any reason, this dispute cannot be resolved by the parties by mutual agreement, it is settled and settled by arbitration by three arbitrators, one of whom is appointed by each party and the third is appointed by the two appointed arbitrators.