If you happen to be interested in Provenza's product, you should be able to find a retailer near you from their web site. Plus, I felt that with wood risers the overall effect would lean more contemporary/modern than with wood treads and painted risers. It also shows again how white trim can lighten the house and work with the oak. Some who commented on my project suggested I use wood risers, because the lighter wood tone wouldn't offer a lot of contrast with a white riser. What we currently have, with the dark treads and risers seem a bit too overwhelming and in low light I feel they can be a tripping hazard with no visual reference as to where the treads are located. Here is some unasked for advice about kitchens. I would say, whether all wood stairs look more modern or colonial or rustic depends in large part on the wood species, how it is milled and how it is finished. But then, I feel the stringers/skirt boards/baseboards/base caps should also be painted white to complete the look/feel of this color scheme. Thanks, Jacob. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. steven (people need to look at the dates on these comments! However, Provenza discontinued this particular style (right around the time I did the stairs). If you’ve chosen not to install carpeting on the stairs, a set of plain white or wood stair risers can look out of step with the rest of your space. To ensure safety of the worker and family members, insist that workers wear protective respiratory equipment such as a painting respirator. On the other hand, you might want to consider painting the risers to match the dark color of your railing. Old Townhome. Appreciate seeing a finished product to reinforce my decision. In particular their New York Loft collection is very similar to what I have, in terms of plank width and type of finish (urethane, as opposed to an oil-based finish). If you want a different colour, then go ahead and stain the oak...at least you have a species match. The combination of your wood and the white doesn't look too great on my screen. I certainly didn’t want to be repainting scuff marks from shoes every year, so I took a piece of 5⁄8-in. It's used in calculations to determine a safe and comfortable design. Both sides are primed, but only one side is smooth enough to be the exposed side when installed. I like the much better than the withe ones! I'm glad I did not because I would be really "dated' now after spending a fortune trying to "update". Avoid This Disaster When Painting Stair Risers. Item #1343584. White Vs Dark Wood Stair Riser Painted Tiles Stairs Color. Most risers are just plywood so to save money, many choose to paint them. … Leekosior, the new treads are comprised of 5/8" engineered wood planks (same product I had installed previously on the first floor). So, haven't made my FINAL decision yet, but leaning toward the wood risers now. Are your rooms formal or casual? But please no six foot wide staircases with a 27″ wide runner. Well done on your stairs! Paint the risers with a paintbrush, starting at the top or bottom of the staircase, whichever is more convenient. plywood and glued a 4×8 sheet of dry-erase board onto it (drawing left). For the best white oak hand railing, stair balusters, treads, risers, winder treads, stair fittings, and check out our wood stair parts catalog! where to Buy Carpet Stair Treads . If this is the case, consider painting the risers to give the area a whole new decorated look. The staircase isn't in the entry. Replace panel with glass (or metal lattice, or other) in a couple of cabinets. What's on your risers? I just came across this discussion, a bit late, perhaps but, it is relevant so :^) ............... We are in the beginning stages of preparing for a gut renovation of our living room, and inner and outer foyers. The painted risers will get scuff marks and need to be cleaned or touched up with paint quite often. Item … I've had wood floor and staircases for 8 years..nobody slipped on them (kids included). It is just mostly my husband and myself and I find I have to use a magic eraser at least monthly on the risers to remove kick marks. I painted a bunch of foam core pieces and set them up in the stairs with the wood to get a better idea how the stairs would look with painted risers. Get ideas for your next cabs — and how to paint the ones you have, A cooking space honors the past while embracing the present. Then paint one. Concerned about decreasing the height of each riser. Aug 28, 2016 - Image result for staircase wood tread white riser For me, the painted ones look more traditional, which would work with your house. Take your time making changes. Regarding safety, this material has a very matte finish and a fair amount of texture due to the wire brush treatment. . So it is a lot less slippery than most hardwood, and I'm not particularly concerned about slips on the stairs, but we shall see. for pricing and availability. Maybe paint the risers the same putty color as the beautiful chairs in your living room. I am most concerned about the mitered corners holding up to abuse. There are detailed instructions in this Before and After discussion post: What are you planning with the treads? Ornamental 7.5625-in x 42-in White Primed Stair Riser. Pie safe and "island" rather than more wall cabinets. New stairs were finished today; see photo. jgpx is right on all points. Whether it's a classic country style home with the cozy feel of Oak treads and white risers or a ultra 'chic' exotic wood specie that needs a white riser to provide a sharp, clean break between the bold colors of the stair treads, white risers can look great in almost any application. I would like paint the risers and side of stairs white. Shop stair risers and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. Coastal Carolina Wood Products presents: Stair-Treads.com - Retro Treads - wood stair treads, risers and stair parts. Any thoughts on this question? . I figure if I get 10+ years of wear on the stairs before I have to refinish, I'll be fine. I have bought a lot of laundry hampers over the years.....Just remember that your home is for living in & it should be pleasing while your family slowly destroys it. If you don't like either one then carpet over the whole thing. Of course there are lots of other brands to choose from, and lucky for you, in the past few years this type of floor (engineered European white oak) has become quite popular, and there are a ton more choices than when I was shopping for new floors around six years ago. I opted for a metallic silver for the stringer but am not loving it... any suggestions? These treads and risers come in a variety of sizes. White risers on stairs - trendy? Or you could go light and airy , grey sofa , white draped , grey Walsh or even a light blue wall with dark pieces of furniture, and everything els white, Yes , that's what I was saying , white all the way. I love it and I'm trying find floors exactly to that. Thanks, all, for the comments. All stairs have a rise, but they may not all have risers. Remove some upper cabinets and replace with some open shelving. There was no maintenance required and I didn’t even know that I should have been appreciative of that aspect. Sand well & and wood patch. I'm happy with my design choices (wood risers and squared off trim). Innovative colour pigment technology gives the treated wood a warm, finished look. good idea about the cork. That could look pretty sharp. Porch paint is designed for painting wooden porches & decks & is scuff resistant. My design dilemma is to paint the risers white or stain dark to match the hand rail and newel posts? Actually, the all wood combination looks more modern than the painted one.As for slippery, I keep hearing that, but my experience says otherwise. I only have 9 steps so the difference in cost between MDF and poplar is marginal to me, especially when compared to the cost of the whole project. Another one of their styles that looks a lot like mine is from their Dutch Master collection, DM002. Here is a photograph giving the feel of the old home it really is. So it really depends on what style you are after and if you want to make a statement with the stairs, or have them be more subdued. Are You Gutsy Enough to Paint Your Floor White? Sort By Featured. Great thread. Make sure you measure accordingly before you cut to size, especially if your stair height is not even, because you can't turn it over and use the other side. These are a short staircase, 5 steps up to a small landing with stairs that go back down into the kitchen, and is enclosed on both sides by walls. Should I go for the look I prefer (square edge) or would this be too riskly and too prone to wear? The color of the risers should match the trim in the rest of the area. Now if you go really fancy and cut it out so it has a handle at the end it would look like a big tuning -fork. it will bring out more contrast in the wood, also wood is dark and will darken up the whole stairwell, you dont want it to feel like someone is ascending some black hole. Not only is the contrast between the white paint and the stain of the treads a great contrast cosmetically, the contrast can help people see clearly as they walk up the stairs. 270 locations nationwide! Once the carpet and pad were removed, we were of course down to the plywood stairs. Not only will the stairway look brighter and more cheerful, the stairs will be much safer. Home » Stair Parts » Stair Treads & Risers » 2" Thick Stair Treads 2" Thick Stair Treads We offer 2 inch thick stair tread in a variety of widths to suit the needs of each individual project, and lengths ranging from 36 inches up to 192 inches long. here are a few pics showing some different tones. They just looked bigger and more intrusive in the room (which makes sense, since the white risers brightened them up so much). For example, outdoor deck steps often have open backs instead of having a piece of wood there to form risers. I have been trying to decide on what to do with the treads and risers. Very traditional and classic. I'm really on the fence with this choice at the moment. One thing to consider is, if you do white risers, they will show scuff marks, certainly more than wood risers. When we replaced the 70's kitchen cabinets with the 90's ones, we did not have any extra money so did not add additional cabinets - for which I am glad now. When you hire a wood floor specialists they will have the contacts to get these products. Kitchen Cabinet Color: Should You Paint or Stain? Acacia Woodon Stairs In Rancho Santa Margarita With White Risers . Hi there! I like the runner to be showcased by the paints. White risers are also a great way to lighten a dark staircase or provide definition between steps. lol) I think you made a fine choice. I actually slipped when we had carpet. No use hating your flooring for 10 long years without any benefit. for pricing and availability. Find a Store Near Me . Take down any wood valence over the sink. Thank you Steven for your comments and especially for the photo....indeed it is a great idea and the dark raisers look just amazing!! The top of the stairs is a landing with a hallway about 15 feet long and it is currently carpet - it has to be changed to either wood or a good carpet. Also to tie in paint the recess around your fire place the same color. Is the staircase in the entry? Painted risers are definitely more traditional in a formal sort of way. Within this collection, the Canal Street, West End, and Poet's Corner styles all look somewhat similar to my flooring. Ok w/ stained trim? My boys used to slide down my stairs in my plastic laundry hampers. This blog has a great tutorial for creating this wainscoting/handrail. Feb 23, 2020 - Where to Buy Carpet Stair Treads . All stained wood steps and risers look more casual and rustic, not more modern. My original plan was to do painted risers, as I like the contrast between treads and painted risers. Wood Risers for Stairs MDF Stair Risers $ 4.52 – $ 12.16. Or we can custom make wood stair treads in any wood species to suit your needs. The risers will be installed on a stairway that is open on one end and the risers will be mitered to a stair bracket at this end. To make your home seem less dated and more timeless, do what you can to make the house charming - in your own style. White Oak Stair Treads – SKU LJ-8070 – Available on our website in 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60” lengths. How To Prep And Paint Stained Stairs White Porch Daydreamer. I think in cases where this was done well, it will come back - like people appreciate a craftsmen style woodwork. Wood is very slippery, and children have a habit of running and falling! Add to cart. I have someone doing mine right now & he suggested painting the risers. DO NOT USE a water based de-glosser / liquid sandpaper! Of course he had to stain and finish the cut edge, and it blends very nicely with the rest of the trim piece. Compare; Find My Store. True dimensions are 3/4×7-1/4. Shop stair risers and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. ASAP I plan to paint the risers white, stain the treads to match the hardwood floor, and paint the walls a light color. 90's houses have a lot of woodwork in part because people wanted it - tired of the scanty millwork and doors of the 60's and 70's - especially the down economic times of the 70's which resulted in often cheap looking trim. I know it is hard !!! Re: wood stairs with white risers I've always heard it called a clothespin. So if there is too much oak in the kitchen consider some of the following: Remove one wall of cabinets and replace with a hutch or pie-safe that you like. Compare; Find My Store. The potential plan is to stain all the oak trim in the rooms with Minwax Red Mahogany as that looks great on the quarter sawn white oak; the oak floors will be getting a clear poly coat finish. Plus, I felt that with wood risers the overall effect would lean more contemporary/modern than with wood treads and painted risers. See less -View Details. So here are my thoughts: 1) match the treads to the oak on the main floor ... go ahead and paint the risers if you like; it can be a very pretty look. On the other hand, I know wood risers will avoid any problems with scuff marks, plus I think all wood on the stairs might look a tad more modern, vs. a bit more traditional look with the painted risers. (I have anyways been opposed to this as they are wood.) So the height of the risers is quite uniform throughout. Item #567093. I'd welcome your thoughts/guidance. It would make the steps easier to see in the dark. Stairs have code issues for safety reasons and shouldn't be touched unless you understand the implications of your choices. STAIR PARTS MADE IN USA. I pulled the old carpet off the stairs to figure out what to do there. The only spot that carpet is being replaced is the stairs. Wainscoting is the antidote to greasy hands. I know it won't wear as well as the bullnose edge, but there are only two of us here and we are always in slippers or barefoot inside. Economical Wood For Stair Treads. White risers are a beautiful and economical addition to any staircase. @bonnie maple oak and walnut are all readily available through out North America. We found clearance pine stair treads at Floor & Decor $5 each. Because I know the look you are going for is hard to do it with a rustic or lighter floor , the white riders look better with a darker floor and that what I mean when I say your trying to make something look like something you can't . I understand about the kids & dogs. We can replace the risers while the rest of the floors are being done. ), though not heavy. As it is, the impact of the white riser would be limited and therefore would lose its significance in the gray/white oak. So appreciated! It's formulated for boats so it's very durable and easy to clean. Plus I think wood risers will impart a slightly more modern look, vs. painted, and that's more in keeping with the changes I've been making over the past couple of years. Peak Products 5-Step Steel Stair Riser in Black for Patios and Decks. Oak Stair Package Dark Brown Treads With White Risers Clic . Also, I am not worried about being in style - but finding my own style. Change out your vent hood to something your style - could be wood, copper, stainless T - whatever suits you. Photograph Copyright © Jeffrey P. Scott 2017 All rights reserved. Continuando, accetto che il gruppo Houzz utilizzi cookie o tecnologie simili al fine di ottimizzare i suoi prodotti e servizi, fornirmi contenuti rilevanti e personalizzare la mia esperienza. I am planning to paint my risers white when the rug is removed. Now, less than 20 years later, I hear on HGTV and on Houzz that oak is "out". Carpet on curved stairs is a really quick way to scream "McMansion in decline". I have bullnose trim for the treads, but am considering having my contractor square off the edge. I used porch paint to paint mine. It might be the monitor, but that is how I see it. Skip to main content. Learn how-to prep (and how NOT to prep) stair risers for the most durable paint finish that will last! One thing to consider is, if you do white risers, they will show scuff marks, certainly more than wood risers. Stair runner with White Painted Treads or Dark mismatched wood? I haven't seen any pics yet that have sold me on the dark risers. my opinion is that when stairs are all wood they can sometimes scream "colonial" without a doubt (especially with regarding to the clean lines of the adjacent room) I vote for the painted riser ) use the trim color and at least an eggshell finish if not seem gloss. Per saperne di più. White stair riser Dark wood stair riser 01-01-2018, 02:42 PM Corvette Ministries : Location: Ft Myers, FL. if you do painted, i would go with the same color as the trim in the stairs. Oak Stair Package Dark Brown Tre With White Risers Clic. The lower flight of stairs face into the dining room, so when we are sitting at the dining room table, the risers are eye level. I might recommend you give the hardwood above the riser an extra coat of finish to make it stand out. I felt that with painted risers, there would be more contrast and the stairs would attract more attention, vs. using wood … Compare; Find My Store. Wood Risers for Stairs Beech Stair Risers $ 23.97 – $ 46.97. 2) pre made fun panel treads. I would do all wood. One caveat: If you have children or elderly actually living in your home and are seriously concerned they may slip and fall, you could go with the wood and add treads designed for that purpose on the steps themselves or only a narrow carpet runner to protect against sliding but leave as much of the wood showing as possible. Wood stove hood is sitting in living room waiting for carpenter to install it:) Cabinet was retrofitted with plate rail and spice boxes. So could be a bit of a … The mid-range tone and neutral hues form a great backdrop and would probably work with a variety of styles. Like that you have chosen and are focusing on your choice of focal point. Whichever way you go, you probably should install a runner on the stairs to warm up the look as well as for safety reasons, especially if you have children. My g/f and I do figure that a runner, or perhaps just treads on the steps, is a possibility, as some of you have suggested. I like the idea of the wood risers in this colour. Buy 1/4" and 3/4" pre-primed white risers from Stair … Thanks in advance for your kind comments! After that you are going to go grey trying to find the match. Replace carpet on stairs with hardwood … Doing this would produce a symmetry as one looks down from the landing to the left towards the entry foyer, and to the right towards the kitchen. Just wondering, Steven, how you put the hardwood over each "tread" of the stair? More than 8″ and I think it begins to look funny unless it’s a super wide staircase. So it really depends on what style you are after and if you want to make a statement with the stairs, or have them be more subdued. Model #PD001MD742PRIM. :). Reach WoodStairs. What are you planning to stain it? Decided against wood treads due to budget but also kids and dogs running up and down the stairs. where to Buy Carpet Stair Treads . Eye-catching staircase embellishments surprise and delight. Was it a very thin layer of hardwood? Here are two very non-Houzz glam pictures of my kitchen - which I am in the middle of a refresh, so not complete. We have ripped all the carpet out of our recently purchased home. My one concern about squaring the edge is wear. Depends on the condition of your risers. The 90's were also a time of "being natural" and wood and other natural materials were desired. Look for paints with low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Yes, stair treads & risers can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. Engineered floors have a shelf life of 18 - 24 months. I might just end up carpeting treads and risers if I can't make up my mind. 27,235 posts, read 17,613,090 times Reputation: 41968. Will be replacing carpeted stairs with hardwood soon. If you want to do away w/the runner, than updating everything would be an option. It paints well and is easy to cut. Most of the woodwork in this house was painted white by the previous owners and we have been restoring/renovating the house over time, room by room. What's on your risers? Save your money for a Pro. Make Your Own Carpet Stair Treads The wood will match the flooring I installed downstairs a couple years ago. Hardwood Stairs Ameri Floors Atlanta. If you "update" for today, you will be "dated" before you know it. I had my contractor install a 1/4" cork underlayment on each tread, and then the engineered wood went on top of that (the cork was for sound control). After living with my all wood staircase for 9 years, it was time to prep and paint the stained risers white for a whole new look. May 5, 2020 - Where to Buy Carpet Stair Treads . Here are some examples that have the stairs in a similar color. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. The dining room, living room, and entry are all one open space, so the stairs are visible from some angle throughout. Wood Stair Tre Staircase Victorian With Stairs White Risers New. We now also have a beach house which has painted risers. We stained them dark. So could be a bit of a maintenance issue (cleaning or touching up painted risers). Interesting the divergence of opinion. Make Your Own Carpet Stair Treads I've seen tons of examples of wood floors very similar to this in very modern spaces (similar to the photos in printesa's recent post above), and I think it is even quite trendy, but in a good way. Convert a cabinet to a display cabinet or to a plate rail cabinet. Like you, I love the look of a painted risers...but only when the wood is a stronger colour than what you have chosen. Skip to Main Content; Skip to Mini Cart; My Account ; Contact; Support; Login; Call Us: 1-800-689-9006 Email:sales@flooring.org. Cheers! I like the second pic a lot. Wood Risers for Stairs Birch Stair Risers $ 40.97 – $ 80.97. https://www.houzz.com/discussions/painted-stairs-dsvw-vd~587589, Overlooked Design Opportunity: Stair Risers. In that case, I'd go with wood risers for contrast. Hi, we did hardwoods with white risers and absolutely loved them. But when I mocked it up, I was rather stunned at how much the stairs (with my faux painted risers) demaned attention. They are especially popular in homes with other white trim and molding. I sawed off the risers on the right side of my wood staircase and had a custom-made stainless steel rail installed on the left. Wood Stair Treads Staircase Victorian With Stairs White Risers New. Plan ahead to prevent unsightly or unsafe transitions between floor surfaces. Learn about durability, looks, cost and more for wooden cabinet finishes to make the right choice for your kitchen, Dark cabinets and countertops replace peeling and cracking all-white versions in this sleek update, Sleek and glossy or softened by wear, white floors charm, Children ran from the scary dark walls in this spare room, but white paint and new flooring put fears and style travesties to rest, Get the look of an oil-based stain without all the bother, using this easy wash made with paint, Use color and texture to create a pleasing connection between your house and garden, Black kitchen cabinets have a rich, timeless look. you'll note the bottom riser is hardwood to help with the transition of the floor but this is optional. That looks incredibly dumb. Curved stairs options - Installing Hardwood in home. for ref of dark painted risers to match railing and posts with natural wood treads this pic may help. This is especially important for adults as they get older and for young children whose vision is not yet fully developed. Originally we were planning on painting the risers white, but since the handrail and floors are getting stained darker, playing around with the idea of the risers dark as well after thinking about scuff marks on the white. It certainly works with mine (which is more contemporary/modern), and I doubt I will ever get tired of my wood floors (and soon to be wood stairs). Standard Riser Features. We just finished the dining room with all quarter sawn white oak, including a 5' high board and batten wainscoting all around the room, and plan to continue with the quarter sawn white oak in the living room and the two foyers and up the staircase. Can stair treads & risers be returned? Carpeted stairs are less noisy than wood stairs. (The hardwood, BTW, is Provenza Epic Collection, Grey Frost.). Wood Risers for Stairs Cherry Stair Risers $ 29.97 – $ 59.97. White risers would, inevitably, get kicked and a wood finish actually doesn't show such wear as obviously as paint, especially white paint. There are virtually no photos of such a scheme that I can find here on Houzz to get me some visuals on this. We sale our riser material in lengths of 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″ and 72″. HU-106854066, with the engineered wood you are planning to use, you could easily go either way (painted or wood risers). At any rate, I am now committed to the wood risers. If we raised a family here, I would have been driven crazy by needing to do that more often. Skip to main content . I personally like risers painted white. I have found plenty of pictures with the white riser or colorful risers, but nothing with a dark stain riser. Use a high quality clear varathane made for floors. Kitchen of the Week: A Dark Kitchen Brightens Up, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Recommendations on kitchen backsplash w/ Tajal mahal quartzite counter. Photo attached. Choose to have your risers milled from a number of hardwood species, including: Just for a completely different opinion: I paint treads and risers (what ever color goes with the decor for the treads, risers always woodwork color). I actually thought about replacing our trim with oak in the 90's, but my environmental side got to me - couldn't see changing out perfectly good woodwork. it's one of those rules you just follow, it's traditional but that's cause it works. Hardwood is being installed upstairs and existing hardwood refinished downstairs. We could go with the common trend of white risers with the clear finished oak treads as that is what we have on the other side of the landing that go down to the kitchen, but those stairs work well with the white kitchen and its clear finished 100 year old white oak flooring. I am looking for the I like the white better. I don't have any problems with scuff marks on my white risers. For a great price on prefinished or unfinished White Oak stair treads and risers, buy here! Beech Stair Treads: Stronger than oak or maple, beech is typically a reddish-brown wood that is fairly straight grained. So I can either entirely carpet both treads and risers, or carpet treads and paint risers white (worried about scuff marks) or stain risers dark. Description Additional information Our risers are made out of 1×8 lumber. Search: Search. Cali Bamboo 7.5-in x 48-in Bordeaux Prefinished Bamboo Wood Stair Riser. Like many here, I actually do prefer painted risers in general, and that is what I had planned to do for my stairs originally. Yes white hardboard will look amazing. Hardwood Floors or High End Carpet on stairs? I did think if scuffs became a problem, I would change out the stair tread rugs to a runner. Fortunately, I like the medium tone oak and do live in the midwest which doesn't follow trends as much. White Vs Dark Wood Stair Riser Painted Tiles Stairs Color. The width is 36", and both the treads and risers are original 100 year old flat/rift sawn oak that has its original, if a bit worse for wear, dark stain on everything. I decided to do all wood, not so much for that reason, but because in my house, the stairs are quite central to the downstairs area. 2) Be sure you can "match" the upstairs hardwood before deciding on adding more. Wood Stairs Accepts: Find a Store Near Me ... Cali Bamboo Fossilized 7.5-in x 48-in Vintage Moonlight Prefinished Bamboo Wood Stair Riser. It depends on the look you want. 4) If you change out the entire upstairs, you might as well match the down stairs oak thereby INCREASING the property value of your home because of "oak floors throughout" can be a selling feature. Just in case you want to ditch the whole idea of carpeted stairs and take on a cheap but time consuming DIY project, it is possible to make even plywood stairs look pretty great. Now that I have decided on the risers, I have one remaining design choice for the stairs. Especially curved stairs. As for the construction of the stairs you basically have 3 options: 1) out of the flooring. Glass door - actually already had that. I prefer painted risers. I have thought about refinishing the stairs, with the treads in the same clear finish as the floors, and the risers and stringers/skirt boards with base caps stained in the Red Mahogany. Sometimes luck can find you. While I'm sure I would have gotten used to that look over time, I just didn't want the stairs to be a focal point in the room, and the wood risers just felt more calm and subdued, which I think will let other aspects of the space shine, where I want people to focus. Try your best to match the treads to the main level oak. In the house I just bought, the stairs and risers are painted dark blue, as are the walls of the staircase. The condition is that they are fairly banged up after the carpet removal and will need an overlay. Shoes can leave scuff marks on the wood as easily as they can leave a bit of dirt on the carpet. Wood Stair Restorations By Tadas Flooring Naperville Il. If reducing flooring types is your goal, do NOT paint the treads...it adds one more floor to a home with multiple floors. Thanks again for all the comments. This may not be your style as you prefer more contemporary, but shows that you will need to be able to refresh now and then but can work with the good basic aspects of your home - try to avoid trendy - unless you love it. In the attached picture I set up a few of the boards on the lower steps, with a couple of pieces of foamcore painted in the color (Kelly Moore Frost) I would use if I do painted risers. It has some character (a few knots, etc. Model #7104002316. 01-01-2018, 03:13 PM silibran : Location: Southwest Washington State. Thanks again for all the great and thoughful input! Then I cut out my riser lengths and heights the next day for installation. Both look good..you were mentioning the wear..I would guess that the edge if the square one would wear off faster given the angle, but I don't know how fast..We don't wear shoes in the house, so for us, it wouldn't make much of a difference, but if you wear shoes, the hard sole of the show would probably scuff the edge faster. But if you look on Provenza's web site, you can find similar looking styles. I refinished cabinets. Here's what you need to know, Instead of carpeting, lay down some paint and give your steps a lift, Wallpapered stair risers, a striped lime-green ceiling and creative artwork are just the beginning in this designer's 1910 home in Canada, We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring, Gleaming wood floors are a thing of beauty. Either will look great. Here are some photographs of the new dining room (the living room will not have wainscoting but it will be getting the same kind of crown moulding and baseboard in quarter sawn white oak. If your risers are solid wood & match your toppers, then stain them all the same. If you are using that good wood....don't paint them. With most stair runners, there should be about 3-6″ of wood showing. Any additional feedback/comments are welcome of course! wood to match the downstairs' tile and I'm not sure if white risers or entire wood, sincetrim is white and the rest is espresso/blackblack. 3) Remove the gunstock and go with what you like IF you are staying longer than 5 years. The stair risers are the vertical pieces on the stairs. I use a MagicEraser to clean up scuffs...works great. Alibaba.com offers 310 wood stairs with white risers products. The height of each step is called the rise. We are mostly a no shoes in the house family which helps. We are also changing carpet for eng. When o . We guarantee one side to be ready to stain and usable. My floors and stairs are Provenza, Epic Collection, Grey Frost. One way to help keep a kitchen more in your own style, even if your style changes, is to use more "furniture" and less built-ins - which is what I did. Well, if you are going to use a runner, painting the riser would seem like waste, since you will hardly see them. We also have 3/8" retrofit stair risers available. I disliked the dark 70's woodwork when we moved into our house and as I mentioned before, we painted trim white and replaced cabinets and doors by what was then the popular thing - medium oak. Theres polyure. White vs dark wood stair riser (mirror, flooring, pictures, light) User Name: Remember Me: Password Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Ten years later, they still look brand-new. wood in the stairs and I would love to see some opinions. for pricing and availability. Either way would look very beautiful & dramatic with your dark handrail & your white balusters. I know this is super old, but this thread was a nice find!! I'm going light eng. still helpful after all this time! Then maybe you will want to go with the same wood. Eye-catching staircase embellishments surprise and delight. A wide variety of wood stairs with white risers options are available to you, such as solid wood, steel-wood… 2 coats, self priming, self sealing. I decided to do all wood, not so much for that reason, but because in my house, the stairs are quite central to the downstairs area. Here's one example of stairs with wood treads and dark risers: I raised a family in a house with wood risers. I don't bother to go fancy. While I would love to hardwood the stairs and have a carpet runner down the middle, budget doesn't allow for it. White Risers add a classic look in almost any home at an affordable price. If your newel was wood color, I'd go painted to match spindles and other trim...but all is persona, stevenlh123 thanked Diana Bier Interiors, LLC, stevenlh123 thanked Jessy Krol Designs LLC, no brainer, white risers!!!!! Thanks, Where did you buy this flooring?. Alibaba.com offers 332 wood stairs with white risers products. I think the floors are beautiful , but with a floor that light in colour it looks best with dark , dark furniture etc do you have a contrast and everything will pop !!! I painted the stairs with Brightside high gloss polyurethane in BluGlo White (made by InterLux). Carefully select the type pant to be used on the riser. This primed stair riser has one 'finished' side. SKU: WO-RISER Category: Wood Risers for Stairs Tags: riser, stair, white oak, wood. The white trim I have keeps it from being too much oak or too 90's. I realized you did white spindles, but even doing the black on the risers and bannisters would look nice w/the dark oak. So we are going to carpet the treads for now (a very dark gray). You could do an ombre w/any color, including a gray, on the risers and leave the rest in the natural wood. I'm glad I found this post. I would prefer white risers with dark treads. I think I may do a couple of test stairs to get a feel what it will look like. If this is an engineered product, you may be out of luck. It looks like your newel post and spindles are white. I prefer the square edge as it looks more modern, though the bullnose is some of the nicer bullnose trim I have seen. 2,772 posts, read 1,603,221 times Reputation: 5087. I have the same committment problems you have. Stairs take years at to get good so keep that in mind. I felt that with painted risers, there would be more contrast and the stairs would attract more attention, vs. using wood risers. You'll probably need at least two coats of paint; wait at least 24 hours after the final coat dries before removing the masking tape from the stair … Dark will hide imperfections. 20. MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood uses the only wood preservative technology that is low VOC and certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product. Obviously no right or wrong for decisions like this (and I will probably second guess myself--as is my wont--post installation), but I am fairly confident at this point that I have reached the right decision for me. When you hire 'Joe the floor guy' he will not. I would definitely choose white risers , not the off white or cream colour you show in your examples in the photo , I know what look you are going for and to be honest if you don't choose white and go with the cream colour it will look like you are trying to make it look like something it's not , if that makes any sense to you !!! The wood is beautiful. Walnut is the more expensive option. In spite of some white trim at the lower sides of the walls, it is about impossible to see. You could stain a riser or a part of a riser to see how it would look with your carpeted treads. Wood steps and risers with natural wood finish always looks best. To paint stair risers or let them be . I actually finished the stairs last year (results shown in a post above), but since the thread's been resurrected for the moment, thought I may as well share another "after" pic, this one taken at night, with the stairs illuminated by a large pendant I had installed in the stairwell. Thanks! White Oak Stair Risers quantity. here's a picture of what it looks like in my house. Sorry. 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A wide variety of wood stairs with white risers options are available to you, such as usage, stair material, and stair type. I wanted white risers but didn’t want to deal with keeping them nice-looking over time. What is the best rated stair treads & risers product? white risers and grayish staintotally different, but rather cool effect. Use long strokes when painting. or a darker color than those 2, because you'll be seeing scuff marks on them when people aren't careful going up the stairs and the toes of their shoes hit the risers. Wood Risers for Stairs Brazil Cherry Stair Risers $ 53.97 – $ 105.97. Good luck. 3) full panel treads made on site out of rough lumber(s4s,s2s,4/4) If your floor guy can't perform one of these options then hire someone who can. Are You Ready for a Dark and Sophisticated Kitchen? I'm actually more concerned about how our two cats will take to the stairs, because they love to chase each other up and down the stairs, and I imagine they will take a few skids before they learn to slow down a bit! What materials do stair treads & risers come in at The Home Depot? Our standard wood stair risers are 3/4" thick, made with a two to three piece glue up, available in multiple lengths, and, like all of our hardwood products, are milled at our Ohio facility. Cream or off white in my opinion isn't the best choice specially if you're spindles are white, I don't know if you have actually paid for or have already installed your stairs , if you haven't you might want to think about going darker , if you have already invested in your flooring then I would still go for the white risers , the cream or off white will look out of place specially if your baseboards and mouldings are white , spindles too !! It turned out that the thickness of the cork plus the engineered wood was almost exactly the same as the old carpet plus pad. Reader Project: California Kitchen Joins the Dark Side. If you had a stronger wood colour, the painted riser looks very sharp. These are some examples of what I am trying to choose from: My risers got scuffed by the floor installer that did the upstairs flooring, but fortunately the scuffs washed off. He did a sample for me and it looks really good. Paint and carpet runner or other covering is what you do after years of wear. I am now trying to decide whether to go with the same hardwood material for the risers, or do painted risers. Wood Risers for Stairs Hard Maple Stair Risers $ 29.97 – $ 58.97. New picture of that vignette is attached. If we did so then I would want to do the same for the inner and outer foyers by painting all the trim in those areas white to create a theme that would fit that whole area, separate from the living and dining rooms with their richly stained quarter sawn white oak. Next will be new counters (samples are on the counter) and backsplash, farmers sink, and bridge faucet. (I'm glad I suggested the cork underlayment to my contractor, because without that the top and bottom riser heights wouldn't quite match the other risers.). My particular choice is a European white oak, wide plank, wire brushed, with a somewhat grayish finish. Knotty to Nice: Painted Wood Paneling Lightens a Room's Look, Cool Tip: Mimic Stain With a DIY Color Wash, How to Make Your Painted or Stained House Feel at Home in the Landscape. Though I like how the painted risers set off the wood treads, I'm afraid that the painted risers will make the stairs too strong of a focal point, detracting from the fireplace in the living room area, which is visible in this photo. About 9% of these are stairs. Link to ... White | Stair Risers . I've attached pics of the bullnose trim and the squared off sample my contractor did using the same trim piece. Some who commented on my project suggested I use wood risers, because the lighter wood tone wouldn't offer a lot of contrast with a white riser. You will need to buy extra nosing and capping. Thank you, Steven, for your detailed reply. Thanks to all who submitted the most recent comments. Michelle, Shelia, appreciate your comments. Most stair treads & risers come in Red Oak, Wood and more. White Vs Dark Wood Stair Riser Painted Tiles Stairs Color. Poplar Stair Treads: Lightweight, and somewhat soft for a hardwood, poplar is fine-grained in white to yellow-brown. Go from there. Dec 9, 2013 - White risers look great with almost any staircase and as an added bonus, are a great way to complete your staircase on a budget. About 8% of these are Stairs, 0% are Engineered Flooring. The trim pieces are solid white oak.
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