In a wide bowl add the yogurt and whisk it nicely. Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi … Also known as Vendakkai Pachadi in the South and Bhindi Pachadi in the North, it is also called as Okra Pachadi in places outside India. Lady's finger is rich in dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins. Vendakkai pachadi or bhindi raita is good variations from usual raita recipewith crispy fried okra/bhindi, chilled yogurt and with tempering or tadka it's taste wonderful. Try this super simple recipe and let me know your comments. Slice them thin as thin as possible.I used a knife, if you have a slicer you can use it too. Those days i don’t own a blog but even after starting Jeyashri’s kitchen, in these 9 years i haven’t posted the vendakkai thayir pachadi recipe. Vellarikkai Thayir Pachadi Recipe – Simple Lunch Menu 3. Heat oil in a non-stick kadhai and deep fry over medium heat until crisp for 5-6 minutes. We usually make raita using veggies and curd, but this one is made using roasted urad dal flour and curd. In my childhood days I was always told that “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. Vendakka (Okra / Lady's Finger) Kichadi / Bhindi Raita is made with fried Okra, Yogurt, and Coconut paste and is served along with rice based dishes. Vendakkai Pachadi is served in most of the marriage feast in tirunelveli. 1. Rinse bhindi well to remove the dirt on the outer skin if any.Wipe off with a tissue paper to remove moisture. Heat oil in a tadka pan – add the items listed under ‘to temper’ let it splutter.Add salt to curd then add roasted bhindi. Your email address will not be published. The protein used here is curd …     Yogurt | Curd   1 cup But i have posted the pictures in my lunch plate on Instagram. Nagu's Nalabagam 23,025 views. Tweet. Labels: Ladys finger Curd raitha, Ladys finger Pachadi, Ladys finger raitha, Vedakkai Curd Raitha, Vendakkai Pachadi, Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi. Managed by Host My Blog, Dalcha Recipe - Chalna / Salna Recipe | Side dish for Biryani, Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe - How to make hot chocolate, Kaya Mezhukkupuratti Recipe - Kerala Style Raw Banana Stir Fry, « Pavakka Kichadi Recipe / Bitter Gourd Pachadi Recipe, Onam Sadya Lunch Menu – Kerala Sadya Lunch ». How to select okra, washing procedure, and eliminate the slime. I have very memories of tasting this from my Mom’s kitchen.      Red chili  1 I luv okras in any form….after my addiction to kadai bhindi this is next to it. This is an easy peasy recipe which can done without much effort. Come back for more recipes regularly and do let me know on … After getting requests from few people on that posts, i finally made it last week and clicked the step by step pictures too. My grandmother and mother were clearly my inspiration to ignite the love of cooking in me!      Oil   2-3 tblsp vendakkai thayir pachadi in tamil ... Lady's Finger Pachadi Recipe-Lady's Finger Curry Recipe-Vendakkai Pachadi By Nagu's Nalabagam - Duration: 4:44. Today i tried this pachadi and serve with rice and sambar. Tried this from Nags space with not much of modifications. 1 comment: Angarai Vadyar 30 December 2012 at 08:09. Paruppu Vadai (6 pieces 3/4 cooked, finish cooking in oven) - Lentil Vadas; Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi (8 oz) - Okra Raita Step by step method to prepare Bindi Raita | Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi Recipe. After moving to Singapore, i have tried it once and Suresh loved it very much. Ladies finger – 1/2 kg/500 grams Green chillies – 6-7 slit Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp Sambar powder – 1 tsp Curd – 1 tsp Tamarind – small gooseberry sized ball Rice flour – 1 tsp mixed with a tbsp of water Tur dal – 2 tbsp or 1 ladle of cooked tur dal (optional) The definition of the word ‘Pachadi’ is different among different South Indian regions. Vendakkai thayir pachadi/ Bhindi raitha. Very good recipe for freah Okra. Pachadi suits well as a side dish and the curd used in this helps to keep the body cool. Just before serving add the cooked ladies finger to this yogurt. FOR DELIVERY ON NOV 13 Diwali Special. Here’s how to make this delicious vendakka pachadi step by step. in Andhra, Indian Food, Tamil Nadu, Vegetarian Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi, Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi, or Bhindi Raita In summer, I always look for perugu pachadis (raitas or thayir pachadi) of all kinds to cool off! Pachadi refers to a traditional South Indian side-dish. I will try to post other vendakkai recipes as and when I prepare. Allow the cooked ladies finger to cool completely. If you add salt in the beginning, it will ooze out water and make the ladies finger sticky. It's a quick and easy recipe to try.Few fews before, i saw this recipe in some tv shows and immediately i made note of it . 0 Shares. One is a Puli Pachadi (which is the subject of this post) and the other is a Thayir Pachadi (made with yogurt) also referred to in some homes as Kichadi (not the rice and lentil preparation somewhat like Venn Pongal). Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi is Lady's finger yogurt gravy. One of my favourites in this category is Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi (Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi … Slice off the ends (without exposing the tubes), wash, pat dry and cut into 1-inch rings. May 31, 2010 by Sharmilee J 32 Comments. Okras are fried and then mixed with seasoned yogurt. Temper mustard seeds, red chili and urad dal in oil and add to this just before serving. My mom usually deep fries the ladies finger, if you want you can do so. It is a low calorie vegetable and one of the suggested vegetable for weight reduction. Though it is a simple recipe somehow i never made it. Ladies Finger | Okra | Vendakkai  15 With finely sauteed bhindi and spices, Vendakka Pachadi has that quintessential crunch derived from urad dal, chana dal plus a dash of tang from curd and even the splendid flavor of tadka! The pachadi is usually made with vegetables like cucumber / ladysfinger. Today I will share with you one more lunch menu I made last week. Read the post to know about the small tips i have given in between the posts. Wash and pat dry the ladies finger and spread it on a clean dry cloth for 15 mins to half an hour. Add salt and keep sauteing till it turns crispy.Remove from heat and keep aside. Hailing from a South Indian family, Thayir Pachadi { Southindian raita } is often served along with Molagootal { mixed vegetable curry } or Keerai Molagootal. Vendakkai Puli Pachadi without Tomatoes (with dal) Ingredients needed.      Salt  as needed. Mix well and serve with bisi bela bath or vatha kuzhambu rice and even it goes well with pulao too. So making any of them is a breeze and a fun yummy process to enjoy with your family and friends. In a pan add the oil and add the sliced ladies finger. While in Kerala and Tamilnadu, pachadi is sidedish curry similar to north Indian Raita, in Andhra Pradesh, pachadi is analogous to … A pachadi is a semi-dry (or semi-wet, with very little gravy) vegetable preparation. I am Jeyashri Suresh and my passion is to create healthy and tasty food and try out new recipes in my kitchen. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard and cumin seeds.When the mustard pops, add the chopped ladies finger. Vendakkai thayir pachadi - or okra raita is a nutritious and filling side to sambhar or rasam that can be made in a jiffy. Ingredients . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thayir Pachadi is an essential element in the Southindian wedding platter as well as Onam Sadhya. Bhindi Raita or Vendakka Thayir Pachadior Okra Spiced Yogurt Dip is one of easy raitaor accompaniment recipe perfect with Biryani, Pulao or Variety Rice. Vendakka thayir pachadi is a very easy sidedish that you can make to go with rice.I have always been thinking to try and post this but somehow these raita recipes takes a backseat.As onam is nearing I thought to share this easy raita recipe. All of the recipes have detailed instructions and stepwise pictures. Though i make it at home, never clicked the pictures. Also, Thengai Kothamalli Thayir Pachadi. Wash and pat dry the ladies finger / bindi and slice thinly.Keep aside. How to make Vendakkai thayir pachadi with step by step images Wash and slice ladies finger into thin roundels. But if you have frozen Okra, how can we make the okra crispy enough for thayir pachadi. Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi is a yogurt based curry made with Lady’s Finger (Okra), Yogurt, Coconut and Seasoning. Share. Also check out my, Vendakkai Thayir pachadi recipe, Ladies finger raita, Ash gourd raita recipe, Poosanikai thayir pachadi, Easy vegetable pulao and cabbage raita | vegetable pulao recipe, Nellikai Thayir pachadi | Gooseberry raita recipe, Mixed Veg Raita | Thayir pachadi | South Indian raita recipes. Add the tadka ingredients, give a quick mix and serve. This pachadi/raitha goes very well with Cauliflower saadham/Gobi Rice . In Palakkad cuisine, we have two types of pachadis. Here is Vendaikai Thayir Pachadi that can be prepared with few ingredients at short notice.      Mustard seeds  1/4 tsp In the banana leaf, the Thayir Pachadi … The ingredient that I use the most – “love!”. After marriage i have never attempted this on my own. Vendakkai Pachadi is more of a lady’s finger raita that has a blend of coconut and tempering as well and is served for Onam Sadya. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) All Rights Reserved, Vendakkai Thayir pachadi recipe | ladies finger raita, a delicious South Indian raita recipe,pairs well with any variety rice. This pachadi is a great combo for Vatha kuzhambu, milagu kuzhambu and even for sambar too. Okra is known as Vendaikai or Vendakkai in Tamil and as Bhindi in Hindi. Welcome to Jeyashri’s Kitchen! Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi | Okra Thayir Pachadi | Easy Pachadi Recipe Today's recipe is Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi. The ladies finger pachadi is a staple dish made during festivals like Onam, Diwali and special occasions like wedding …      Urad dal  1/4 tsp Saute with little oil, keep cooking in low flame.Saute till it becomes slightly crisp, browned here and there, it will be nonsticky.It will take atleast 10-15mins in low flame, keep turning over for even roasting.Then switch off. Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi - an easy yogurt dip with fried okras. This is served as part of any feasts in Tamil Nadu / Kerala. South Indian okra curry recipes include vendakkai kootu, vendakkai sambar, vendakkai thayir pachadi, vendakkai vathal, vendakkai masala, bendakayi gojju, etc. Pin. This simple easy to make yummy raitha /thayir pachadi is from my mother-in-law's cookbook. Yogurt/Curd is known as Thayir in Tamil and as Dahi in Hindi. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan and add mustard seeds when it splutters add urad dal when it turns golden brown add hing and curry leaves, when aromatic add thinly sliced ladies finger. Trim both the edges. Also check out my Carrot capsicum raita, Ash gourd raita, vendakkai thayir pachadi And it is the perfect blend of tangy tomatoes and spices with just right amount of heat. Vendaka Thayir Pachadi / Bhindi Raita. VENDAKKAI PACHADI RECIPE. Most activities revolved around the kitchen and I was awestruck by my grandmother and mother’s never ending dedication to cooking.They were endlessly cooking great variety and tasty dishes everyday and for very occasion. Thayir Pachadi is one of the important and simplest dish served for any feasts in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Learn how to make Indian vegetarian recipes, south Indian recipe, tamil nadu recipes, north Indian recipe, eggless baking recipes with stepwise pictures and videos. To go along with rice, I made thakkali kulambu, pudalangai poriyal, vellarikkai thayir pachadi curd and gooseberry pickle. But this can … This will help to reduce the sliminess of the ladies finger while cooking. So it is always my duty to make this Dangar pachadi at home. Add little salt in the last. Cook it in a medium low flame till the ladies finger becomes crispy brown.
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