Your instructions are so well-detailed, I'm just going to go for it!! Free Sock Knitting Patterns. You can decide whether to continue the heel stitch up the toes if you want :-) xx. slip marker, knit to 3 sts before, Round 3:       K2tog, K1, Thank you! Any suggestions to that point? I've been so fearful of doing socks and the term "turn the heel" invokes anxiety just looking at the words, but we are entering a new year so new adventures are in order. I know I could increase the number of stitches, but I wanted to do the pattern as written first. This was such an easy pattern to follow. Why not browse our extensive pattern catalogue for 4 Ply knitting and crochet inspiration? You should already have one marker in place showing where your round starts, and you place the second marker after your decreases and knitting across the toes. Provides 2 simple patterns for plain socks, one in Regia 4ply and one in Regia 6ply (the 6ply version can be found here). for the circular. Instructions are for shoe sizes 4 – 12. I'm about to knit a pair of socks in men's sizing by casting on 68 stitches. Pattern for Socks Made of 4 Ply Wool. got that. I don't have any plans to create a knee-high pattern at the moment, but will add it to my list of future ideas. You are going to create the heel flap from Next paragraph says in your case it would be 8inches (foot measurement x 8) equals 64. The online version is like the basic 4-ply pattern and the PDF has more slip stitches. Although I never considered blanket squares and am thinking that would be a wicked fun project, so now I don't know if I mind my leftovers :), Some people also choose to knit their leftovers into new socks, mixing the yarns to get unique colourways. Pinterest info It was using double knitting and on two needles, the join was down the back. Whether you need bulky socks for around the house or thinner toe huggers for babies, we’ve got you covered. Or perhaps not! I'm so glad that you're finding the patterns and tutorials helpful, both warm socks and mittens are useful for the weather right now, wherever you are in the world! It includes sizing, specifications, pattern stitches, and detailed information about working the heel. Hello Sarah, it's lovely to see you! I did this three times. Once you can knit socks you can knit anything, so that sweater isn't out of your grasp at all :-) xx. This is what it looks like on the purl (wrong) side. I'm so pleased you found the sock pattern helpful, and I'm sure your grams will be delighted that you're able to continue the tradition of "proper" socks! xx, Hi, I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I'm on my 2nd sock with dpns, and apart from grappling a bit with the Kitchener stitch, loving it. tapestry needle. Is that to say that you will join the round on the third "row"? :-) xx. I knitted my first pair of socks for my beloved Uncle Harry when I was about 16 years old. Knit across the top of the foot (I usually knit back onto my circular Does that help? I’m a complete new-start with knitting but it’s socks I’m interested in learning how to do...could you recommend any videos suitable for a complete newbie re casting/ knit, purl etc? You'll find the Sockalong tutorials if you click on the yellow picture at the top right of the page xx. Is your foot really 8 inches wide. Could you confirm this for me please. If you're on Ravelry, please link your project to the pattern, Favourite Knitting Book - More Super Socks, If you shop at Amazon, please consider using these links and help to support my site - thank you! to use just four needles as that is all I have? Any colour for the Army; navy blue or black only for the Navy and Air Force. They never have the fit that yours do . xx, HiJust to say thank you for the tutorial on your sock pattern helped me so much nowI'am knitting them for all the family thanks again Mandy X, I just found this site - I’ve knitted socks for quite awhile but there is lots of useful infomatiom here. Wool Warehouse. I am very confused. Beth xxx, Hello Beth, it's lovely to see you! xx, I have knitted socks for well over 50 years, mainly because I couldn't find socks that were long enough for hubby to wear in his wellies. Don't be afraid to try your sock If there are 30 stitches, row 3 indicates an odd number. JOIN THE CLUB. xx, Dear Mum, just wanted to tell you that I did as you said and I was able to turn the heel successfully. I would love to learn to knit a pair. Download free crochet patterns. People's definitions of "large" can be quite different! Hi. Sorry, but I have really had enough of crafters who make life difficult and patterns that are either wrong or so long winded that I just want to give up! It doesn't matter if you have a few more or a few less picked up stitches as the number of heel flap rows you did may be different to me, but you will have considerably more stitches on your needle as that's what's creating the gusset down the side of your foot. That definitely sounds like an interesting combination! Each of the tutorials is written for short circular, DPNs and magic loop so you can follow along using any of the needles :) xx. I’m very glad that you’ve found a pattern that works for your skill level and I hope that you will enjoy knitting socks for many years to come. approximately 5cm before the desired length ready to start the toes. Related posts I know there are plenty of knee high sock patterns out there, but as I am familiar with yours, I would much prefer to follow a pattern that you have made.So far I have been a very basic knitter-only knitting scarves and hats. Close × A PASSION FOR YARN? Knit across the top of the heel and then shape gusset as below. all you need to know how to do is knit andpurl. I will surprise my daughter, who says I will not get past wash cloths. heel. You say to knit 2 rows of rib before transferring to circular needles. I often seem to be sewing up holes in socks I have bought. Get free delivery when you spend over £25 with Deramores. You need to measure around the ball of your foot which is the widest part and that will give you the measurement that you need for the calculation. xx, Hi I am getting to the scary bit ,turning the heel 16 stitches ,first row looks like I can follow but 2,3,4 rows it says turn and I will not have used the 16 I know I am just being dim ....Thanks for the lovely tutorial x, Hi Linda, your first row is the set up row to get you into the middle of your stitches and then after that you're just working on the middle stitches, leaving the others on your needle. Fast forward to when small daughter was a baby. Think 80s, think colour, think completely over the top ... it was wonderful! Yes, you just turn your work after the decrease stitch (plus K1 or P1) - there is no wrap and turn on this type of heel turn as the decreases pull the stitches together to make the V shape xx. you have 60 stitches again, continue to knit each round until you reach Winwick Mum Sockalong basic 4ply sock pattern, click, The idea of knitting socks can be quite daunting if you've not done it before. Thank you for this pattern. Dismiss. I use the heel stitch across the toes as well as the heel flap and that helps - there's another tutorial on reinforcing if you have a look at the patterns page. :-) xx. Laughing Hens. This is why our range of 4 ply knitting patterns is so extensive. less than 60 stitches, remember to adjust the number of stitches when you start Also, if decreasing using rounds 2 and 3, when at round 2 it says at the end knit to marker, does it mean knit to marker and then do round 3, or does it mean at the end knit to marker however 3 sts before that marker do the decrease (ie the end of round 2 incorporates the start of round 3) sorry confused!Also (sorry) at what stage do you take the marker out which denotes the start of the round - inserted at round 3 of the ribbing? Already planning my next pair. This basic sock pattern is written from the toe up in fingering weight yarn and a variety of sizes, with the Easy Toe cast-on and a short-row heel. All a stitch marker needs to do is show you where your round starts and finishes, and the start and finish of any pattern section you may have so they can be as fancy or plain as you like. much love and happy easter! Knitting patterns for socks knit flat or sideways with 2 needles (straight or circulars). Hope your daughter enjoys it! I hope your Mum loves her socks (my Dad thought it was hilarious the year he got one sock and an IOU) and maybe it's a pair for you after your jersey and blanket? Hello Emma! you choose to do that, and how you distribute the stitches across the needles; think i'll stick to scarves! My DPNs are 20cm Addi ones, I've put a link in higher up the page (just after the second picture from the top where I talk about needles) so that you can see them on Amazon although you might also find them elsewhere as well. Monthly Musing - November 2020 - Too late, Beginner sock knitting: Sockalong - Week 2 - Heel flap, heel turn and gusset, Beginner sock knitting: Sockalong - Week 1 - Cast on, cuff and leg. Loads more lovely things to see & do! Oh, that is so impressive, you are a real professional when it comes to sock knitting. Sorry. When I look at videos I get bogged down in American ones that I’m unsure are relevant. in this tutorial weã­re going to start fromthe very basics. Hope that helps! The support around the heel comes from the ribbed pattern that creates elasticity, hugging the contours of your foot. If you are using DPNs for the entire sock, you may prefer to put the spare stitches onto a stitch holder whilst you work the heel. Hello! Once again, many thanks, Michelle, That's brilliant to hear, thank you, I'm glad the tutorials helped you! The worst part was the grafting at the end!Plan now to make several more pairs.Best wishes,Linda. 1 x 100g ball of 4ply sock yarn (or 2 x 50g depending on brand) 1 pair DPNs size 3.0mm. rounds 2 and 3 until you have 28 stitches left and divide these between two I found it a real struggle to manipulate four needles, but then I happened to hear about the method of using two circular needles. I so wanted to start these over the Christmas holiday but I don't know what to use. Thanks, Jen, glad you think it's OK! Thank you so much for these wonderfully clear instructions. No sewing up and a heel that magically created itself thanks to some nifty decreasing. You can still find it online if you do an internet search. thank you for giving me that courage to push myself and learn new skills! When you work the SSK or P2tog stitches at the end of each row, you take one stitch from each side of the gap and that's what pulls the heel round into the right shape. Filter. xx, Oo, that does, thank you!!! Ah right, I've got it! She has given me the confidence to try! That would explain the markers in the wrong place. Don't worry, Emma, we'll sort it! xx PS Isn't it easy on a tiny circular? :) In general, though, a 100g ball should be OK unless they really are very large feet. This is a fantastic tutorial and pattern, so easy to follow. Free Sock Knitting Patterns. I find that it works well with a plain yarn, or a self striping yarn. heel is knitted in heel stitch which creates a durable, cushioned heel. In my case, I cast on 72 sts, so I left 36 sts on my needle (I'm doing magic loop) and transferred the other 36 to a stitch holder.Can you please tell me what I'm (probably) misunderstanding or not getting quite right? Will read this regular. (, What else? Well done on working it out! xx, HI got here via Lucy's not usually use the evil pointy things, but am going to give it a try tonight. You work your heel flap on the first 36 stitches of your round (always keep going in the direction you've been knitting) and then you pick up one stitch for every two rows of heel flap - this is easy to work out as you just pick up the big slipped stitch at the end of each heel flap row. xx. Now I feel confident to knit socks. I think it is ok if they are a little big but will be shame if I make them and they are too small. I have to say that you made an easy knitting task very annoyingly difficult! K1, slip marker, K1. ( I've not worked out how many to cast on yet). I've finished the heel flap and have a total of 60 stitches on my needles. Your blog and project came up while searching Ravelry for instruction on the heel. Popped over via Attic24. I gave one sock with an IOU in Christmas Day and have just finished the other. If you've cast on 60 sts, the second marker should be between the 30th and 31st st - ie, exactly half way round your round. Mon 10:00 – 4:00 Thanks again for your quick reply! Downloadable, sock pattern to fit shoe sizes 4-12. Perhaps you can help me get a handle on this. Do let me know how you get on, and of course shout if you get stuck! Don't take the stitch off. Hello! Laughing Hens Rated "Excellent" on 4.7 stars, 6003 reviews. You can still try your sock on whilst you're working on it as you would for a toe up, so I'd recommend that you do that when you can as well to make sure you're happy with the size xx, Thanks SO much! Sock Pattern to knit 4ply socks quantity. Hi Christine. Is there a secret ? I have looked all over the web and have found (usually) that ply is used to notify the knitter of how many strands of wool are twisted to make a piece of yarn. I have a range of needle lengths in my sock knitting kit - they're never wasted! We went to Peru a few years ago and I loved looking at all the wool over there, your daughter will love it. I’ve updated my links to make it more obvious where to find the Sockalong tutorials as it seems that you missed those.Not every pattern will suit every person and obviously mine doesn’t suit you - that’s the way of the world and that’s perfectly fine. Do you have any idea what size feet they are at all? xx. p.s. Home / Knitting Shop / Knitting Patterns / Knitted SOCK Patterns / Free Sock Pattern & How-to-Knit Guide 4 Ply. I am an American knitter and I am very confused about the British use of ply for size of yarn. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Thanks, I'm really glad you've found it useful, thank you! :), Hi! Trilogy Downloadable PDF. Thanks!I like to knit my socks 2 at a time (magic loop) to avoid 'second sock syndrome'. Basic??? I really appreciate this great tutorial. Save. For example, if knitting a man's sock I would your name reminds me of when my now partner first came to Warrington and he pronounced the area Win Wick..... instead of Winick.. :), Lots of people pronounce it Win Wick! I've got to try knitting socks. :) xx. Did you keep the number of the top of the foot stitches the same (in your case it would have been 26) and decrease on either side of them or do you think you might have decreased across the top of the foot instead? Featured Yarns: Regia 4 Ply. cast on 64 or 68 stitches. Reply Delete. :), I have some wool but have not knitted socks before. Jul 21, 2015 - Explore Schachenmayr Yarns's board "Sock Patterns - Free", followed by 2127 people on Pinterest. Simple Sock. Oh my goodness, what lovely comments, thank you! I suggest that you have a look at the "tension squares" post as there's some information on there about working out the number of stitches for your socks based on your knitting gauge. Do you mean the ones in the pictures above? Already frustrated as when I was counting my stitches I forgot there was no knob at one to keep the stitches on the needle and off they came. You can see the line where the decreases create the gusset quite clearly in this picture. Thanks so much. Hi There Thanks for sharing the pattern. Thanks for the pattern and tutorials. This pattern will create a medium-sized It gives a nice neat finish to your heel with no gappy holes. I use both, Then, after a couple of rows of rib, I transfer my stitches to my circular and off I go. As I had a marker at the start of the round (just about to toe shape), I worked out where the toe shape decreases should be (well equal spots both sides) and placed a marker, and duplicated the same on the other side so the decreases would be equal in both sides. “It’s a simple little cardi with super speedy top-down, seamless raglan construction and an optional I-cord button band. Great pattern! … Could you give me approximate stitch count (using 4ply yarn) I should start with? You can always knit more rounds to make a sock longer, but if it is too tight or too loose then it won't be comfortable even if it's the right length.For the size 11 foot that you're knitting for, the best thing to do is to measure the ball of the foot and use the Sock Stitch Calculation from the Sockalong tutorials (click the turquoise link picture in the right hand side bar to go straight there) so that you get the right width. I'm afraid I'm not a frogger - all those stitches to drop and pick up (Thats the reason I crochet and not knit lol!)
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