9 years ago Not a lot of things needed for this Instructable: Simple up-cycled paper Christmas tree🌲. Great deals on Fender Guitar Bridge Pickups Humbucker Pickup. 11-Hole. The answer is style and comfort. Choice made. It is an absolutely fantastic pickup for rock and roll styles, as well as blues rhythms. Measuring the gap between the pole piece and the 6th string on a Strat. Enter the Single Coil-Sized Humbuckers: all the huge, warm, harmonically rich power of a full-sized humbucker in a drop-in replacement, single coil size for Strat. Or you want to bring new energy into an old favorite with a Strat tone? That is how they differ from acoustic […], A pickup is integral to an electric guitar, and also an acoustic guitar to an extent. How Are Guitar Pickups Made & How To Make Them. This is a very simple job. Now will we start on the new pickup wires.  These were rubber wrapped and I used a simple wire stripper to take off this outer sheath.  Just be really careful about taking off the sheath - you do not want to damage the insulation of the wires in the bundle.  You can use small manicuring scissors, wire cutters, razor blades, etc. If you're going with a standard humbucker-sized pickup you can still get away with using a 250k pot, I'd just avoid pickups known to be bassy. In case you don’t already own one, the Fender Stratocaster is usually built with an SSS setup – that is, three single coil pickups. Can you upgrade a Fender Stratocaster with Humbucker Pickups? Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. I would have kept the ESP except it had jumbo frets and that doesn't fit with my style of playing. All of my main guitars have different pickups than the stock ones. 1. What kind of guitar is that? This Hofner Shorty has a front mount scratchplate with the … So if you’re trying to avoid that 50’s rock sound, why change the pickups at all? These are fun to do. It is, after all, the first best-selling solid-body electric guitar. 99 This is much easier to do on most guitars if you take the pots out first.  Again, use the solder stand to hold your work. Refer to the new wiring instructions - The green and black on the new pickups are opposite of the originals.    That struck me as rather odd because they are both Duncans. Putting a Humbucker through a 250K pot will most likely sound like your amp has a “mud blanket” on it. EMG P BASS BLACK ACTIVE PRECISION REPLACEMENT PICKUP POTS & WIRING (FENDER 18FT) $104.00. Then I snip the old black wire that on the back of the pot and solder on the new green a bare ground wire. Lucky for you, Fender makes a variety of quality humbucker pickups. Knowing which pot value your pickup needs is the best way to solve this. Strat® Guitar Pickguard Mounting Hole Options: Vintage 8-Hole. Did you make this project? Everything seems to be going perfectly — you had […], Without the pickup, your guitar may not be audible enough. Guitar Pickups - Swapping or Replacing Humbuckers: Swapping out pickups is one of the easiest ways to drastically change the sound of your guitar. After a little soul-searching, I remembered I had an ESP with the Seymour Duncan SH-1 (JB) and SH-2 (Jazz) that sounded outstanding. You don't have to do the coil tap wires first.  That's just the order I did things. Well, a standard single-coil pickup usually consists of a set of magnet wrapped up in a thin wire. I put a dab on the jack of my acoustic guitar, and I spent thirty minutes trying to wrestle it off. Here is a pickup manufacturer that will need little … With over 70 models, we have the right flavor that will suite your tonal needs. The goal is to get enough wire exposed to work with. ... JIUWU HSH Loaded Pickguard Black Wired Plate for Fender Strat Guitar Replacement. All of my main guitars have different pickups than the stock ones. Aside from personal preference and the type of music you’re playing, […], Are you looking to buy your first Strat? Very nice build and I really like the feel of these (I've got another one of these with P90's). Next up, it’s time to start soldering things together. The innovative design produced […], Electric guitars generate sound by the virtue of strings vibrations which are converted to electric signals by pickups. Once you’ve finished assembling the pickups, pots, and the 3-way switch according to the schematic, you want to be sure everything is cleaned and uncrimped. We also carry a full line of vintage reproduction parts. I must have listened to 100 different sound bites trying to figure that one out. Multiple decades later, modern (electric) guitars […], The Fender Telecaster enjoys an iconic status in the music world. 9 years ago 4.4 out of 5 stars 74. A Telecaster with low-output single coils will sound pretty awful through 500K pots, too. on Introduction, Good luck on the choosing part! There are a few reasons you might want to put humbuckers on your Stratocaster. Once you have your tools and parts together, the process starts with removing the pick guard with the single coil pickups and everything else attached. Take alook at these recommendations for effects pedals that work well with humbucking pickups: Your email address will not be published. … This instructable was fantastic. Seymour Duncan shows you step by step procedure on replacing pickups for a Fender Stratocaster. Fender Tex-Mex Strat Pickups. You can do this, you just need some basic tools: Once you have your tools and parts together, the process starts with removing the pick guard with the single coil pickups and everything else attached. And based on the number of aftermarket pickups available, a lot of people seem to agree. Run the new pickup wires through the hole to the control panel. Klein pickups offers many Vintage Reproductions for Strat, Tele, Bass, & Les Paul guitars. Because the stock ones always seem lackluster or just don't sound right to me. 7 Main Types Of Guitar Pickups Explained & Best For You, Understanding Humbucker vs Single Coils Guitar Pickups, 10 Best Strat Pickups – Upgrade Your Stratocaster Tone. Some pickups have soderless wiring, which means you only have to solder to the guitar wiring. As Larry DiMarzio, the founder of the groundbreaking replacement pickup company that bears his name, once told me many moons ago: “Pickups are the most flexible tone-modifying element in an electric guitar. on Step 2. First up, let’s get into the control cavity. There will be two thicker sets of wires - each set will be sheathed in rubber, paper, wire mesh or whatever.  One thing that will be different between manufactures is the color and number of wires that come in from the pickups.  So we will look at the wire bundles and get a handle on what we will be working with. 6 years ago The pickup is perfectly balanced in matter of clarity and warmth, it has the best from both worlds (singles and humbuckers). While the Strat is traditionally known for being equipped with three single-coil pickups, it's not uncommon for guitar players to change up their pickups for humbuckers. If replacing standard Strat pickups with other pickups, make sure your cavities are large enough to fit the pickups you want - you can find our pickup measurements here. tones, bombastic high output shred tones, and everything in between with your classic SSS Strat … You do this by plugging in the guitar, then tapping on each Strat pickup as you cycle through the neck, mid and bridge tones with the switch. Musiclily Pro 11 Hole Loaded Guitar Strat Pickguard HSS with Noiseless Alnico 5 Pickup Humbucker Prewired Scratch Plate Set for Fender American/Mexican Stratocaster Standard Modern Style, 3Ply Black. Although I like my guitar's pups, I might get a cheap project guitar soon, so I'll look this up again if I need to replace those pups. $119.00 ... Pickup BLACK - Fender Stratocaster. com. I personally like the open coil look of the new pickups.  The originals were chrome - but for some reason those just didn't look as nice on this guitar.  That's just my opinion - feel free to disagree :-) And... the sound???? I de-solder the old green wire on the pot lug and then solder on the new black wire. Worry not […], happynewguitarday.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. The pickup has four wires so it can be splittable. We’ll also talk about tone and brands. Startocaster Pickups from Fender, Seymour Duncan and Antiquity. Fender Stratocaster HH Models. Great job brotha! Fig. This is a Hamer SAT-QT - I think it's either Chinese or Korean. 6 years ago So this instructable will be a simple swap of similar humbucking pickups. Ornaments, That Smell Like Christmas and Will Warm Your Heart! 4 Conductors,black body, black dual rails. Or you can also go with guitar pickup types like a single humbucker in the bridge position and put two single coils in the middle and neck pickup positions. So now that you see you really can put a humbucker in your Stratocaster guitar, which pickups should you buy? The most popular and the most “Strat-like” configuration is SSS, followed by an SSH configuration, which maintains a lot of the classic Strat mojo by keeping single coils in the two top positions and replacing the bridge pickup (which is most susceptible to hum) with a humbucker to combat noise and provide a more modern tone. Soldering iron, solder and soldering stand (optional), Pliers or wrenches to remove potentiometer nuts. You should get a solid guitar amp feedback sound on each one – while you are at it, check out this post on the best amp for Stratocaster guitars too!. Depending on how your guitar body is routed out under your pickguard, you may need a router to make the cavity large enough to house a humbucker pickup. 4 left. Share it with us! The Stratocaster pickup. 3 left. But the soldering is so basic, it's probably a good project to learn on. Ok, so changing your pickups to humbuckers will alter your sound in a way you’re hopefully going to like, so let’s talk about how to do it. No modifications to the existing wiring - no coil taps, etc. These pickups are shorter than Telecaster pickups and are not mounted onto a plate, plus they also have a much higher output. New pickguard with configuration for your new humbucker pickups. Required fields are marked *. First, you must understand what a strat pickup represents. Standard Single coil size,but it is Humbucker,you can install it in a Fender Strat/Squier straightly or Tele guitar with a modification. You can get a custom pickguard from Pickguardian or WD Music - they have our dimensions on file and make great custom pick guards. Great job! One of the main reasons you might want to change your single coil pickups out for humbuckers is to go from a vintage sound to the more popular modern rock sounds of today. 8-Hole Conversion. Reply NEW Genuine Fender Mounting Screws (12) For Humbuckers 005-0166-049. Now you can achieve vintage P.A.F. on Step 9, Thanks! Then we will open up the back and start looking at the wiring. It’s a good idea to stick to hand tools to prevent stripping screws or overtightening. The guitar itself is a very nice instrument - but the sound with the stock pickups really didn't do anything for me. You are going to assemble the pick guard with the two new humbuckers together before installing it on the Stratocaster. So if you want to reduce your time with the iron, look for the humbucker pickups that have plug-in wires. When ordering a replacement pickguard, pay particular attention to the location of screw hole #5. After investing in a new pickup, you don't want to mess up the threads. Starwood Strat pickup. 250k pots tend to lose more of the treble frequencies. **[Editor’s Choice]** If you are looking for a good quality strat pickup … - just don't cut the wires inside (or your fingers). If you want to get a genuine vintage tone with your pickup, … Free shipping. Locktite. 69. Reply The goal here is to understand what you already have and how it's wired..  So we seem to have 4 wires - white, red, green and black.  The white and red were connected together, the green went to the soldering lug on the pot and the black was soldered to the back of the pot. Thanks for the comments! Single Coil Pickups. on Introduction. on Introduction, 9 years ago This can be changed to a double humbucker configuration (like a Les Paul) with relative ease. 2 Pcs Belcat Hot Rail Blade Humbucker Pickup for Fender Strat Electric Guitar. Initially intended to mimic the Patent Applied For pups that went into the '59 Les Paul Standard, the Seymour Duncan SH-PG1 Pearly Gates Pickup is a top-rated humbucker among hard rock and blues-rock players. Free shipping over $49.00.