In it Ohlin combined work by Heckscher with approaches formed in his own doctoral thesis. Inter regional VS International Trade. Interregional definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. For instance, the trade of agricultural products produced in one country with technological equipment produced in another country can be classified to be an inter-industry trade. They have a sense of belonging to one nation and their loyalty to the region is secondary. The Regional Integration and Trade Division (RITD) is headed by a Director and reports to the Deputy Executive Secretary (Programme). A mix of state control and a free market approach ensured goods produced in one location could be exported far and wide. Inter regional means between/amongst other regions. The government is also interested more in the welfare of its nationals belonging to different regions. Lack of connectivity is a major reason behind low inter-regional trade in South Asia, according to Nagesh Kumar, Head South and South-West … Inter-regional trade is among people belonging to the same country even though they may differ on the basis of castes, creeds, religions, tastes or customs. in the long run, tends to approximate to its cost of production. Look it up now! However, the recent growth of the intra-regional trade has been especially remarkable: the experts emphasize that such trade generates more internal added value than the inter-regional one, which may allow for higher local welfare and a more favorable external balance for CA. Regional Integration is a process in which neighboring countries enter into an agreement in order to upgrade cooperation through common institutions and rules. Regional, inter-regional and international trade was a common feature of the Roman world. He established a theory of international trade that is now known as the Heckscher-Ohlin theory. There is another consequence of comparative immobility of labour andand capital as between one country and another: “Within a country. the price of a commodity. Other articles where Interregional and International Trade is discussed: Bertil Ohlin: …that won him world renown, Interregional and International Trade. Without the inter-regional slave trade, it is possible that forced migration of slaves would have occurred naturally due to natural population pressures and the subsequent increase in land prices. Intra regional means within the same region. Ambitious ‘top-down’ regional initiatives central to MENA international relations have failed to bring about increased trade and economic growth Intra-regional trade offers an opportunity for MENA to boost economic growth and job creation through lower non-tariff barriers and reduced trade costs Inter-industry trade is a trade of products that belong to different industries.