I work with CAD/CAM programs such as Inventor and Solid Works. Advice. #5: The Military Mentality I was talking to my girlfriend today and she was telling me that i shouldn't be doing this if i'm not passionate at all about it. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Looking through this website I saw tons of girls saying that they love physics and calculus, but to be honest, I don't. You may want to consider if there is something else you really want to switch into. Think of how to upgrade machines by finding ways to increase the limits of things. I've been working full time while studying part time for the past 5 years, sure it'll take me twice as long to finish school but I'm gaining practical experience none of my follow class mates have plus I'm surrounded by Engineering collogues who can always help me with my homework. By day three, I was sleeping under the table. If you like working outside, find an engineering job that … Don’t know where I will end up. I don't think easy classes would have had the same impact. Long hours in the office alone, just staring at a computer screen. は、これまでに いろいろ考えた末の結論 として「それはできない」という見解を述べている感じになります。. I'm not a native speaker but from logical point I think these sentences are not quite the same. If it takes longer, then so be it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You are not sure. If you study engineering now when you could be studying something you are really passionate about then you may miss your chance to do … Applied Calc is actually pretty decent but i'm absolutely having the worst time with the other classes (hard and uninteresting to me). Even though you are unclear about where you ultimately want to be, you most likely can still attempt to pursue jobs or disciplines that will allow you to do the things you enjoy. What Can Be Done to Improve? I think that people need to understand this, and a lot of people don’t,” Fasano added. Since she's in Asper school of business, she said accounting might be an option for me because it's something she wanted to do but couldn't since she's not good in math. These stories and narratives are used to pull out the engineering perspective in broad conceptual terms. Seldom do they use every bit of knowledge they have acquired, because in the real world, engineering is different. I used to be a sucker for cars as a kid, still am but i've never been into it's mechanical component, only designs since day one. By this you just doubt that the person loves his father. My focus was China – not exactly related to engineering. I don’t think I can do it. My friends and I were able to replace 2 of our engineering required electives with business courses by just saying to our advisors that we were thinking we may get an mba. I don't think outside of the box i think of what i can do with the box: Blank Lined Journal Notebook And I honestly think I won't achieve that level, ever. There are people at my office that have 20+ years of experience but still have the same job title as I do … Engineering what, specifically? I always aspired to be a businessman, but never got a good idea. The money is good however it gets very boring sometimes. This is a place for engineering students of any discipline to discuss study methods, get homework help, get job search advice, and find a compassionate ear when you get a 40% on your midterm after studying all night. You won’t be using much of the math you learned; a much more important factor is your ability to understand, think critically and create. I think everybody has the same feeling, but luckily you won't be stuck doing it forever. However, scientists wait until they are exactly right. You don’t have to get stuck in the field if you no longer enjoy it. It took me 8 years to finish my degree. Ugh, I’d rather quit my engineering career than deal with these stuck-up idiots. I don't think engineering is right for me. You may hear some different opinions on if you should do one or the other but from personal experience work places can be very flexible when it comes to students. Gunaskaran says that University of Iowa Healthcare is activating the first step to their surge plan so they can maintain space for all ICU patients, not just those who have COVID-19. I don't really know if i'm just going through a phase or if i really need to find something else but i'm open to suggestions. Yeah, six years probably sucks, and more time sucks, too. You are sure and the stress goes on don't. Go to work, go to class, study, sleep, repeat. I'm in over my head. “This Mura Masa song is a really special one for me,” Clairo wrote on Twitter . However, i do maths(3unit, gonna keep it in year 12), i do chem and bio and legal and business. Not graduating. I think I can’t do it. I'm a semester away from a bs in chemistry. See if they can move things around or something. . I'm currently in my first year of engineering (going into mechanical). I think it will be beneficial for you to start working so you can get out of the routine of school. I don’t think an online MSF is a good idea because you need access to recruiters, which online degrees don’t necessarily provide. Can I still get in, or what do i do? I’ve applied to engineering at all 3 of these schools but haven’t heard back yet..my grades are:Chemistry-92(final)English-86 (final)Advanced functions-87(final)Calculus-89(midterm)Religion-90(final)Physics-100 (midterm)Do you think I’ll get in? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It will take a toll on you. I’m now moving from chemistry to engineering, but I’ve also learned a bit— such as not overloading myself lol. Engineering is a great field to go into. Press J to jump to the feed. Posted by. My bachelor’s degree was in East Asian Studies. Many engineers change careers. I don’t think I did an ounce of work all week. Have you tried laying in a bit on your advisors? My job is ok I guess. I would strongly advise against it, however, given that the risks are pretty great, and the rewards— well, they depend, I suppose— are more likely worth less than the risks. I’ve done the full time work and school thing before. Apparently, engineers can’t even shake their arrogance to play with LEGO. Super stressed Engineers are innovative, creative people, and you can apply those skills to building a solution to your work-life balance problems. And I don't enjoy programming as a hobby. 1 year ago. Thanks, More posts from the careerguidance community. You are more interested in things that don’t concern engineering. This article is perfect for you if you want to find out more about the role of an IT engineer. My two cents? Try to move around your class schedule and take advantage of the engineering position. Archived. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Cookies help us deliver our Services. . I'm Michelle. Advice. Miami (OH) - Electro-Mech. I don't think outside of the box i think of what i can do with the box: Blank Lined Journal Notebook, Funny Engineering Notebook, Engineering ... Book, Notebook for engineers, engineer gifts [Nova, Booki] on Amazon.com. The classes i am currently taking are Applied Calc 1, Physics: Mechanics, and Introduction to Statics. Period. Good luck. All are bad ideas, friend. But now I think, if I wanted to do MBA then why I opted for Engg at the first time. Don’t be afraid to change course if it doesn’t work out. There were times when I felt like that’s all I did. Taking an extra year or two to complete your degree is no big deal. I think you are unable to see any benefit because you are still young but there is a reason why Engineering is hard and it is not because they get a kick out of people struggling. Prior to the release of “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again,” Clairo commented this in a series of tweets:. I used to be a sucker for cars as a kid, still am but i've never been into it's mechanical component, only designs since day one. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EngineeringStudents community, Continue browsing in r/EngineeringStudents. Many of us do not have an idea of what IT means or even what an IT engineer does. I think I realized I don't want to program because I landed at a company where people are quite good. (And graduating “on time” doesn’t count as having to; it seems crappy to have to take extra time sometimes, but it’s better than flunking out while overwhelming yourself, then having a bigger mess to clean up in regard to school and work, too.). I don't think you love your father. Don’t feel like you’re on some invisible time limit. Perhaps this is the ultimate determining factor that you do not really fit in engineering. I think engineers are happy to be approximately right provided nobody can do better, hence they don’t wait until somebody to show the way. u/BenignNarcissist. 9. What can i do? Only you will know how much you can handle for work versus school versus sanity. If there is an aeroplane that can fly across the atlantic using (x) amount of fuel, think on ways you can make it fly across the atlantic using (>x) amount of fuel. It’s doable, but it will suck big time, and how long you can do it— well, that’s hopefully not for you to figure out. On the other hand, most students don't really know why they want to be an engineer, let alone what type of engineer. Close. You don't need any special monk powers to do well in engineering. Just don't let engineering psych you out. You can’t be an engineer when all along what bursts your bubble are in culture and the arts. This was day one of four, mind you, and I had already checked out. I recently accepted a full time engineering position, and I'm still a full time student, supposed to be less than a year away from graduation. If you really want to switch to IB, it will be really tough to do so while working full-time because you need to get some type of finance-related experience. Are you considering cheating, or bribing someone, maybe forging a signature? We all start by thinking everyone does think like us, we then realise that they don't, so we then realise that they SHOULD. I'm sure that I'm good enough to be able to make a living continuing as I am … but I don't … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don’t really have a good sense of what types of programs might be available in terms of post-bac or part time, but I’m beginning the research process to get a better idea of my options. It's not that I can't do the math, I'm just slow, and really don't want to take math for the rest of my life (which is what it feels like is going to happen if I stay in engineering). 聞いたほうは、何か 強い信念がある んだなと受け取ります。. I don’t want to go for M.Tech so looking forward for MBA. A place to discuss career options, to ask questions and give advice! There's a lot I could do with a chem degree, I don't have to sit in a lab mixing stuff or whatever people think chemists do. I want to do Engineering at university, can someone provide me details because i dont do engineering/physics at the moment. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’m not trying to come off as crappy, but you seriously have to consider the classes you have left and how much time they and work will entail. I'm a design engineer in the beginning of my career. The same thing you have always done to do well in subjects before will work again here. I like computers but don’t like engineering. You will know the broad concepts of engineering, woven through historical narratives. I'm currently in my first year of engineering (going into mechanical). Engineering is a very large field and perhaps not many of our non-engineering friends/relatives would understand the nature of our jobs, unless they don't doze off or look at us with a puzzled face when we start explaining to them what we specifically do in the best of lay-men's terms. It's a subject you enjoy, and it's a hard subject, but it's a subject. I won’t tell you that you can’t do it, just to think it over carefully. But I don't think I can do this again I don't think I can do this again I don't think I can do this again But I don't think I can do this again (Do this again) I don't think I can do this again The grass is always green But why did it used to feel So much softer, longer, sweeter, cleaner than this And I'm all in my head now Wanna know what sucks more? The best thing I can suggest to you though is to do the engineering degree in 4 years, (don't sign up for the 3 year accelerated program since college is about learning and you'll miss the summer internships and won't have enough time to do the most important thing in college: NETWORK), then work for 2 years and then go for your master's. However, there are some downsides too. What does this mean? If there is a car that can do 180mph, think of ways you can make it do 280mph. You can do that too if you save and invest a large percentage of your income. That's a very personal decision, and I don't think anyone can tell you what to do. I've always been really interested in civil engineering, but now that I'm on my senior year of high school I'm really worried that I won't be good enough at it. It sometimes feels like you are going to be in school forever but you won't. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follow your passion as best you can. Don’t take on a full time work and school schedule if you don’t have to. I guess what I wanted to get at here in my rambling comment, is that the "should" in the above quote is as far as the engineering mind can go in this regard. "They believe that everyone does or *should* think like they do." I didn’t get a lot of help from my family. Take one class or two in the evenings. Same probably goes for engineers. It was hard. I think you don't love your father. "And ultimately, the public needs to do their part, but I don't think anybody can be on the sidelines right now." Hello Olivia! This is more strong. Press J to jump to the feed. You quickly realise you won’t know how to think like and engineer in practical steps by the end. Good luck! I very about being stuck. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Titled “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again”, it’s a collaboration with British producer Mura Masa. I know our “requirements” to graduate could be a bit flexible. Advice.