You can find an overview of the required diameter (core holes) in this table (PDF).. I've got a bit of a problem with a cracked stair tread. screw through the riser into the back of the tread. This is not a project that can be simply glued together. You can not leave tripping hazards on the stairs and risk someone getting hurt. Press the tread into position on top of the glue. Loose Stair Tread. First tread on the right of this photo is the cracked one. Cracked stair tread;. The dowels have a series of “steps†that help to hold the pieces of wood together. The damaged area of the stair tread should be carefully cut away and a new piece of softwood spliced in. built in the late 70's and recently discovered that we have oak stair treads under the. You may end up having to cut them out and then replace them after you fix the broken tread. With mortised stairs, removing the tread may not be a good option. Step 3: Fix the Tread to the Staircase. First you need to compress the cracked tread by shimming against a block attached to the stringers at each end. Ive opened up the area under the stairs, and I cant access the tread, as you can see. Appears to have been some movement over the years, and the treads... replacing old, broken stair treads. Wood working questions and answers in here please. This post is provided by Jesse Hughes. How to fix broken porch entry stairs by replacing old or rotten treads and risers with new weather treated wood. 4. To fix a crack or void in the stringers -- the diagonal-running support boards holding the steps -- use a mending plate. Inject carpenter's glue into the crack, then wiggle tread to work glue down into crack. While you can DIY this project, a pro can help you get the exact repairs you need. If the base of the spindle rests on a solid section of tread, it should have a rounded dowel end that is glued into a hole in the tread. The stair tread will be fitted into the strings and the only successful way to remove and replace is to do it from the back of the staircase. Such splits can also be caused by resting heavy furniture on the tread edge during moves. Hey folks! Carefully cut away the damaged area of the stair tread and splice in a new piece of softwood. Step 1 Stair treads and risers ... (tread) fits into place and is level. File the ends of the dowels flush with the stair tread. In the case of a new metric thread with e.g. Problem with several treads on the stairway of our 1930's house. Drill a 3/8" hole straight into the nose of the tread every 6" across the width. It is also a good idea to fix little timber bearers underneath the patched areas, to provide extra support. Squeaky stairs are easy to fix from underneath—provided they’re exposed. Repairing a broken stair tread Tom helped a homeowner repair a broken stair tread. To repair the crack, Tom recommended using a new type of wooden dowel. Using the pry bar pry upward between the stair tread and the riser in front of the stair tread. Carpeted stairs that squeak can be repaired from above in several easy steps—without destroying the ceiling below the steps. Contents1 Stair Repair – How to Do-It-Yourself2 Repairing squeaky treads and risers3 Repairing squeaky treads and risers step-by-step guide:4 Balustrade repairs5 Treads, risers and stringers6 REPLACING TREADS AND RISERS7 Balusters repairs step-by-step guide Stair Repair – How to Do-It-Yourself Stringers, treads, risers and balustrade combined make up the parts of a staircase. Aug 21, 2019 - Say goodbye to noisy steps! You must replace the tread. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 19, 2014. Here is how to fix a worn or broken stair tread. M 8 you need a twist drill with a core hole of 6.8 mm. Pull on front edge of tread to open crack. The easiest way IMO, would be to cut the nosing off the treads flush with the risers then just install new risers in front of the old, flush with the top of the old tread and install new thread on top of the old. here. Putting little timber bearers under the patched area will provide extra support. Loose or damaged risers can be repaired by reinforcing them with a strip of wood attached underneath the stairs. Are the two thick bits of wood under the tread structural? Be extremely careful when operating the cutter, especially if you are a newbie in repair works. 6. 3. The riser is the part of the stair that sits vertically and supports the front portion of the tread. Saved by This Old House. A cracked or broken stair tread is a. Stair Treads; How to Cut a Stair Tread. 5. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva reveals his quick fix for cracked wooden steps. Underneath each tread, on both ends where the tread fits into the stringers, a wooden wedge is driven to tighten the tread and hold it in place. Stair Treds Wooden Steps Furniture Repair Good To Know Stairs House Stairway Staircases Stairways. Place a tread on a table cutter and, with a slow and steady push, cut it down to size. Squeeze the glue onto the parts of the stair that the tread will sit on top of. Wipe off excess glue with clean, damp cloth. Cracks often occur at the back of the step, where the tread and risers meet, or the outside stringer, when it doesn't contact a wall. How can I Repair a broken stair tread? Drive a 2-in. Stairway repairs are not a common household chore, but occasionally, a broken tread needs to be dealt with. Repairing your concrete steps is simply a natural component of the steps' lifecycle. Firstly, you need to determine the method in which your spindle is joined to the stair tread. Drive a shim between the end of the tread and the top of the stringer to tighten it before installing the L bracket. A split stair tread does not necessarily have to be replaced, it can be repaired, providing the split is not in the nose area or over the edge of the riser. The twist drill must match the size of the thread diameter. Fixing a Broken Stair Tread. Smear glue onto tapered dowels, and then tap them into the holes with a hammer. It is drastic, but a well made staircase was never meant to be taken apart. Moderator: Moderators. First you drill the damaged thread with a twist drill. This post contains affiliate links. When one becomes loose, and you can't see its anchoring point under the stairs, it might be necessary to work through a ceiling to get at the underside or remove a piece of flooring on a stair landing in order to make the repair. Take it apart where the dowel ends using your drill if it’s proving difficult to remove. Specific treads can be replaced when absolutely needed. Stairs receive a lot of wear over time. This wedge is far superior to simply nailing or screwing the tread down to the stringers. Shape and sand the new tread and countersink screws to enable filling. It keeps the tread tight, and prevents most “squeaking” later on in life. Once the measurement and cutting procedures are over, you are ready to fix the tread … Removing the old treads and replacing them is not a simple/easy task, it can be done though. It is important to repair damaged risers, as they can compromise the strength and stability of the the entire staircase…. How To: Repair Concrete Steps ... with its top edge level with the surface of the stair tread. Below is a brief guide on how to replace a broken spindle from a cut string staircase. Photos speak a thousand words, so here they are! 2. A loose or cracked riser can compromise the stability of the stairs and also lead to further damage, in particular to the stair tread above it. Using a chisel, coping saw or saber saw, cut back the split or damaged nosing flush with the face of the riser beneath and plane the exposed edged flat. Step 3- Remove and Replace the Treads. Jul 31, 2014 - This Old House general contractor Tom Silva reveals his quick fix for cracked wooden steps I'm trying to not have to replace an entire limestone tread on the front steps and hoping that I can just repair it. Repair loose steps with an L bracket and wood screws between the tread and the riser. I suggest glueing & dowelling the tread in place. If you’re an experienced DIY-er, see how you can replace a stair tread and repair creaking stairs. Experts suggest inspecting your stairs regularly. This can be an issue if you have carpeting over your stairs. The tread had a crack near the front edge that ran along its length. Measure the length of the broken stair riser on the underside of the stairs using a tape measure. home improvement and repair website. An open-riser staircase without attached balusters is the easiest type to repair. 145 Posts . 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. fabiavRS Newly registered Member Posts: 42 Joined: Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:14 pm Has thanked: 1 time Been thanked: 1 time. The corners and edges of stair noses can chip away through ordinary use. The new tread will then need to be shaped and sanded — and any screw holes filled. Glue the tread to the bottom step with construction adhesive. Before replacing the ceiling, be sure to walk, dance, or bound up and down the stairs to be sure you've cured as many of the squeaks as possible. Damaged treads on stairway - repair or replace treads? Over time, your staircase can loosen, which can cause additional creaks and stair movement. How to Repair a Broken Stair Tread. How can I Repair a broken stair tread? If the connection of the stair tread to the riser is loose or not joined, screw them together by first drilling a pilot hole and then installing the screw. The front edge of the tread, nosing, will quite often become so worn over time that it splits. How To Repair A Broken Stair Tread! Wooden banisters are glued on, so twisting it free should help it come off more easily. Drill thread . Start by cutting off the broken or loose baluster. Once the stair tread is removed you can add a piece of 1/2 inch plywood to the backside of the stair tread using screws and carpenters glue to bond and fasten the plywood to the tread. For the most accurate results, it is important to use a large level. What would be the best course of action? It’s best to squeeze the glue in a zigzag pattern, rather than a straight line, so that there’s more glue. The abuse is even more pronounced when heavy items like boxes and hand trucks are hauled up and down the steps. just a suggestion to get over your problem would be to get a piece of 2mm steel sheet cut to size and drill and countersink several fixing holes around the plate the fix using suitably sized countersunk screws. 3. The tread nosing can wear and even split over time. For more information see our disclosures here.