Set up out of the box is more than descent. Zzounds is a great place to buy any gear with play as you play with no interest, how do you beat that ? Thread starter kalonero; Start ... Dec 13, 2016 Messages 6 Reaction score 0. Each instrument celebrates Gibson’s legacy through accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail. Ricky Fowler from Tennessee , Go Titans! or Best Offer +C $154.41 shipping. Wow factor: What can I say? Checkout × We use ... Each instrument celebrates Gibson’s legacy through accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail. The customer service representative without hesitation said, "Well, box it back up and return it. There is nothing at all to complain about this guitar. zZounds let me ship it back no problem and refunded me the full price. Besides its foundational two-humbucker voice, the new Standard has coil tapping for P-90-like tones, coil splitting for S-style single-coil sounds, an out-of-phase setting, and the ability to select outer and inner coils. And (preferably) a name-brand amplifier. I might have gotten the HP version for better neck access, but then I would have those robot tuners which I don't like. I'll keep this short and sweet. For the 2016 Les Paul Standard T. This guitar is the best guitar I have ever owned and I have 23 electrics and 6 acoustics, been playing for over 30 years. Still a good guitar though, however, with the exception of several hundred dollars worth of hardware it's no better qualitatively than the Classic. 6 and 12 string guitars and bass. Several Gibson's. Our Verdict. No issues whatsoever. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Virtually undetectable to anyone but me. The intonation is perfect. do you think it's normal ? This is my third Les Paul. Great service by Zzounds. Quality. Yet for some invisible reason there's a price difference from $400 to a $1,000 more for the Standard and it doesn't even have rolled edges, matter of fact they're sharp enough to grab one's attention after playing the smooth, rolled edges on the Classics. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Gibson Les Paul Signature T but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. I ordered a B stock/Blem model for a substantial discount in 2018 and I am BLOWN away. My first was a '91 Studio and my second a '99 Special.I wanted my first Standard to have a killer flame top... Well, it's here! Everything you would ever want and expect out of Les Paul. I thought I’d just put that out there before getting started with the review. There are a lot of other guitars in this price range that compete with the Les Paul and unless you really must have the latest Les Paul over any other guitar there are a lot of guitars out there that can offer just as much for less money. Gibson got it right this year, no more robot tuners, no more zero fret nut but these are still options if you like them. Don't blame us if you fall for its resonant, lightweight charms. Some are great, play as many as you can, I promise there is a perfect one out there for you! Think they saw it and are using my ideas now ( see upcoming Les Paul High Performance). For just under 10000 crowns, you will get a US-made Gibson Les Paul, with either P90 or humbucking pickups, in a small but nice selection of finishes, and with few compromises, most of which are aesthetic in nature. Thanks babe....your the best. We will make it right." Having said that, of course, the continuing sales of Les Pauls show just how resilient guitar players are to any suggestion of buying an alternative! I play mainly 6 string guitar. Bought a 2018 model originally that had some serious QC issues. Acoustic and electric. I could not be more pleased. I can't say enough good things about this work of art. Oh yeah.....I mostly want to thank my wonderful girlfriend for getting me this beautiful guitar. As always, I am very satisfied with the quality and playability of this guitar. 11 watchers. Did you? Great buy.Great guitar. Burstbucker Pro pickups, locking tuners and a flamed maple top give the 2016 Les Paul Standard Plus Top T timeless looks and sound. Fast shipment and delivered in the expected condition. I've owned several Les Pauls. It's a Standard! I was worried that it wouldn't have a beautiful figured top after I've seen the inconsistencies in Gibson's top ratings (AA vs AAA) but I am thoroughly amazed. Took over a week to get it from the living room to a Marshall, because it looks, smells, plays, vibrates so incredible unplugged it took my breath away! Gibson went back to original specs on neck, thanks. Model: # LPSTD2FSHCH Write a Review. More than beat my expectations. As mentioned earlier this is a very versatile guitar and covers a lot of bases with authority all the way from classic Les Paul Rock tones to almost Strat-like chimey cleans. It was like sliding your hand over a speed bump. Worth the Zzounds price. I have had very little need to re-tune while playing, once the new strings settled in (I changed out the stock strings to NYXL's) Binding is thick and well fitted. Been playing 43 years professionaly. Since I got burned but still wanted a Les Paul I noted the high number of positive reviews for the 2016 model so I decided to go with one of those in Honeyburst. Thought it would take a little getting use to since I normally play a ibanez custom with wizard II (my other baby). Classified Ads . The neck is fantastic. This product is no longer available. It plays like a dream with the coil tap creating many tonal options without losing the classic LP crunch and sound. I currently own a few higher end PRS, and four Fender guitars. The binding on the neck was bulging out between the 3rd and fifth fret. I built that 15 years ago, and showed it to them 8 years ago. Had a Goldtop version showing at the time also. Tom Quayle volunteered. Add to Wish List Add to Wish List SKU: # 369317. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T Electric Guitar, Light Burst at The Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T 6-String Electric Guitar Blue Mist delivers everything you would expect from an instrument that has become synonymous with rock and pop music over the last fifty years. 10 of 10 people (100%) people found this review helpful. The defective guitar was a Gibson Jason Hook M4 Explorer ( read my review for it on this website ). You will not be disappointed. It is loud and very acoustic sounding with insane sustain. Dec 21, 2016 #1 Hi guys, i just bought a 2016 Les Paul standard T. She's given to be "modern weight relief" but actually she weighs 10 lbs. This is my forth Gibson Les Paul and by far the best one. Description. The Les Paul Standard 2016 HP is the utmost in luxury and performance in Gibson's 2016 lineup, with an unprecedented set of premium and high performance features. The guys at zZounds always do a great job with orders. I never could justify spending so much coin on the Les Paul but since my son now smokes me as a player, I could justify it and could not be happier. In sonic terms, the new 2019 Les Paul Standard might be the most versatile. Where the 2016 models really excel is in terms of playability and comfort. Back on point though, the difference in the Standard's and Classic's hardware can resolved with the installation of the Standard's hardware into the Classic with a little elbow grease and cost of around $250 to $300 tops, and once done no one would ever know the difference, mainly because THERE'D BE NO DIFFERENCE. Thank you zZounds for making a 40 year dream come true. I was reluctant on buying a Les Paul Standard after the 2015 debacle, but the 2016 models proved once again that Gibson will listen to their customers every once in a while (especially when their sales drop considerably). 12 watchers . This guitars is everything I wanted and more! Sounds killer, the pickup combos are practically endless with the push/pull pickup selection. The order---So I opened up the case the smell of the wood put me in a euphoric high then I noticed paint defects along the neck body. 5.0 stars based on . When the guitar arrived, it was stunning. The Les Paul is one of, if not the most iconic guitars of all time, representing a tradition of Rock and Blues players stretching back over most of the history of the electric guitar. I can do some Hendrix style chord structures easily, which I could only do on Fenders, previously. Pros The LP you've dreamed of – lightweight and resonant for a jazzier/bluesier styles, with a kick. User review from macaius about Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2016 T : Best Les Paul for the money! I recently had this pleasure when I bought a new Gibson, the 2016 60s Tribute Les Paul T. Oh yeah, and zZounds rocks! However, the only factors differentiating it from the more affordable Classic Les Paul in terms of craftsmanship and playability, are merely the pots and control knobs. Name: Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 T Production period / Release date: 09.2015 Model No: LPTD+ITCH1 ( Iced Tea ) LPTD+HSCH1 ( Heritage Cherry Sunburst ) I've spent $1000's here. Guitar was set up perfect out of the box, beautiful finish with absolutely no flaws. Rated 5.0 / 5 by 7 customers! Out of the box it is set up great. Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T - Honey Burst Reviews. I can find no point at which intonation is off, at any point of the fret board. Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard - Honeyburst. Very solid even with weight relief and sustains for days. This was a pretty large purchase so I want to thank zZounds for being there. Did you? S B B p o n s o r e d M W P A D H 7. But you do have to buy a strap. This 2016 LP standard smokes all of them. This product is no longer available. "2016 Tea Burst LP Standard... GREAT GUITAR!". 1 Finish Options . The Les Paul Standard 2016 HP is the utmost in luxury and performance in Gibson’s 2016 lineup, with an unprecedented set of premium and high performance features. Only reason for the ONE 4-1/2 star review for sound is the Burst Buckets are pretty great, but if I could change one thing on this guitar it would be a set of zebra SLASH Seymour Duncan's. Pick ups and electronics are awesome. Then I discovered the rough. Sound: This beast can play whatever I throw at it. But for a Les Paul, this is fantastic. Toured nationally through the 80s. Great guitar! It sounded so great and played so easily!! Once it is plugged in, it is a dream. I was afraid that Gibson would not honor their warranty. The Gibson Les Paul has seen many permutations since it was introduced in 1952 as a two-P-90 goldtop. Gibson ES-Les Paul Standard review Another beauty from the Gibson production line £2499; €3159; $3499; By Dave Burrluck 21 September 2016. Did you? Good. Hammer ons/pull offs are a dream, as the guitar naturally reverberates and gives tone right back. 24 of 24 people (100%) people found this review helpful. Right out the case, this beautiful guitar shined like a diamond. Not defective, but the Indonesian Jackson was hands down better than this "Gibson USA" guitar.I called Zzounds just to express my disappointment. Overall. The thinner neck is so playable it's silly, just perfect. Looking forward to playing this baby ALOT!!!!! User review from macaius about Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2016 T : Best Les Paul for the money! The Burstbuckers are a joy to manipulate, as they can cycle through clean jazz tones and fat chunky licks. All the other guys were impressed with it to say the least. I went with the Tea finish and wow! I called zZounds expecting a little hassle despite the top reviews I have read about them. Like a lot of guitar players, I was looking for this certain sound. The most amazing thing about the guitar is the sound and tone it has unplugged. I bought this in honey-burst earlier last month and was immediately impressed with the quality and beauty of this instrument. I knew where it would go when I plugged it in. Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar Review. New (Other) C $3,112.82. There are so many tonal options, that I haven't felt the need to engage my pedal board, with the exception of delay. Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard T Steeped in tradition, the 2016 Les Paul Standard T has all the ingredients that have made the Les Paul such a desirable guitar, and one of the most legendary. Gibson's prices are imo a bit high. Impressed that guitar has such a traditional look, while upgraded to locking tuners, better nut, bridge, tailpiece & coil taps. Sign in to follow this . Nice job, Gibson. Review Cart. Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 T. Posted by Oleynior on Wednesday June 15th, 2016 Saturday November 16th, 2019. Tuning was a pain until I put some nut juice in the proper places. Gibson is for sure on the right track again. So it goes when you’re tinkering with one of the most iconic guitars of all time. Overall: This guitar is absolutely stunning. With no built-in effects or Robot Tuners in sight, it feels like a contemporary take on a classic design rather than a gimmick and it retains enough essential Les Paul DNA to keep a high proportion of Lester fans happy. earn the key differences between the 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Vs Standard, including side-by-side spec rundown and ratings from hundreds of owners. 5 of 5 people (100%) people found this review helpful. The Classic seems to be another one of those store exclusives at the moment that Gibson do from time to time. Gibson Les Paul Studio Review. The variety of tones on offer is excellent for a simple two pickup guitar, giving the 2016 Les Paul a much wider tonal palette than one might assume. I doubt I'll replace the pickups! Set up, perfect, finish perfect. It was a shame, as the 2015 Les Paul Standard was actually a great looking and playing guitar with some cool features, but for their 2016 models Gibson have seen sense and returned to that classic, iconic formula with only the smallest of modern twists for a model that should be far more accepted by the string plucking masses. GIBSON USA LP 50's Standard Faded 2016 Limited Proprietary Fa Color: Faded Honeyburst Hadware: Nickle Tune O Matic LPS516FHNH3 From ZZounds: Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Standard A gently aged finish; smaller, vintage-style headstock; keystone tuner buttons; and a fat, rounded '50s-style neck add a vibe that's rich in history. That folks is real customer service. I own several guitars and this one went straight to the top. Perfect setup right out of the box. But is fitted perfectly, with no adjustment needed. !The sound the looks are stunning!!! Plug n play or unplugged it is inspirational. The Gibson Les Paul Studio is probably one of my favourite guitars of all time. Played many along the yrs and finally have one. The features listed here are for the 2016 model. ... 2016 Les Paul standard honey burst 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful. Gibson went back to nickel tuner knobs and got rid of the stupid hologram sticker.....and they went back to the older style hard case with the pink plush interior. Thank you Gibson for getting it right!!! I am able to go from bright to warm and everywhere in between. I should add here that DV247, who very kindly loaned us this review sample, would have set this guitar up – we simply took it out of the box as it had arrived. This is an expensive guitar but worth it, remember this is also a good investment. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 HP but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. The neck feel's perfect, the pickup's are awesome, and the sustain is incredible. Play out at clubs, jam sessions, and at home. Gibson Exclusive Limited Edition Les Paul Classic with Case Another MLP member posted a thread about this a couple of months back. This guitar rocks! Joe Perry "Gold Rush" Les Paul Axcess. Not sure what it is but it just has that sound. First I want to say thank you to Gibson for getting back to making guitars the way they used to. Long story, but they worked with me on guitar and case return, refund, and helped me get what I really wanted: A flame top Les Paul Standard again before I die! acoustic, electric. The playability and tone is amazing out of the box. 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Pelham Blue. They had me pick another serial number and booked the shipment! If they do a R6 (or that GC exclusive Traditional Pro) type of a Goldtop with p90s I don't know if I'll be able to resist. You can tell attention to detail is a primary focus on their part to get it right. 3 of 3 people (100%) people found this review helpful. Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T tech. I will have many, many years of joy from this guitar and zZounds makes it just too easy to purchase with the 12 monthly payments. I called Monday evening and asked if I would be getting it the next day and sadly the guy said sorry it's too late. Review: Gibson Les Paul 2016 60s Tribute T There are few things indeed that can beat walking out of a music store with a new guitar. zZounds is fantastic to deal with...I have purchased FIVE guitars now from them and have NEVER been disappointed. Read the full article SPECS. The Grover locking tuners are just the icing on the cake of this magnificent, musical work of art. Gibson offered me this new Les standard with a few others in this price range. Gibson's Memphis division, which creates the mainly laminate 'f-hole'- styles, seems to take a different slant on modernism that's typified by the recent semi-solid ES-Les Paul and the downsized ES-339: classic guitars but with a different spin. F***** awesome!! !Gibson has outdone themselves!!! "Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Top T".