No two dogs are alike, even of the same breed. Specifically, pulling his tail, tugging his hair, or yanking a paw. Dog bites by breed listing statistics & information for the breeds most commonly involved in lawsuits by dog bite expert Richard Polsky, PhD Totaling $530,000,000 in insurance claims for dog bite-related injuries. These cdc dog bite statistics will show you which breeds of pups were involved in the human attacks that were fatal, from 1979 to 1998. Sometimes, smaller dogs such as poodles and Chihuahuas have somewhat of a Napoleon complex and can be of the most vicious. That means a dog bites 1 out of every 73 people. No dog carries a more heinous reputation, but are these fears clouded in myth or reality? c. 1772 — Gomastah of Kissendeo, India Torn apart by starving dogs. If you combine the figures for both dogs, you’ll find 76% of the total fatal dog attacks. Dog Bite Statistics by Breed Nearly five million people in the US are bitten by dogs each year. SHARE. For instance, German Shepherds are regarded for their intelligence, Labradors for … We've got you covered. Statistics from 2019 show that you actually have more chances of dying in a cataclysmic storm (one in 66,335), from a bee, wasp, or hornet sting (63,225), in transportation incidents (one in 9,821), and from firearm discharges (one in 6,905). We will work to get you the maximum settlement as quickly as possible. The researchers combined those results with with hospital data to determine the relative risk of biting and the average tissue damage of those bites. Simply, owners don’t give them the attention they deserve. According to dog bite statistics by breed, ... You really have no reason to fear a dog bite. Mastiff’s which are known for their usage as a guard dog killed 14 people. (American Pet Products Association, Pet Industry Market Size & Ownership Statistics, accessed March 18, 2018.) Free Consultation It is also important that your dog socialize with other dog and human friends on a regular basis. (702) 382-0000, © 2020 Adam S. Kutner. This study investigated true dog bite prevalence and incidence at a community-level and victim-related risk factors, in order to inform policy and prevention. Call us today at 702-382-0000 anytime to schedule a free consultation. Animal control deals with problematic dogs of all breeds. The bottom five breeds for bite risk were: dalmatian, pointer, Great Dane, Pekingese, and spitz. There currently are 89.7 million dogs in the USA, which are kept by 60.2 million households. The researchers point out that the circumstances that cause a dog to bite vary and may be influenced by breed behavior tendencies and the behavior of the victim, parents, and dog owner. The most popular breed in the UK in 2015 was a Labrador, but in 2018 this had switched a smaller breed, the French Bulldog. TWEET. When the dog tries to sink its teeth in, one should draw back their hand and scream out of pain. *Click below to enlarge (charted by Statista ) Breeds of dog involved in fatal attacks on humans in the U.S. from 2005 to 2017 Behavior such as teasing the dog comes to mind as a top reason: other studies show that in most dog bite cases, the kid started it. Researchers also combed the literature from 1970 to the present, searching for papers that reported data on breeds to determine the relative risk of biting from a particular breed. Statistically speaking, there are two dog breeds that are known for their safety. The number of victims. 6/6/2019. Of those, we saw 4.5 million dog bites, 19% of which resulted in an injury. 0 comments. Numbers two through six are easier. The more company is expected, the least dangerous the dog will be. In 2017, there were 25 fatalities due to dog attacks – up from 18 in 2016. Dog Breed & Ownership Statistics 2018 Looking for the latest dog stats, facts and trends? While they show certain breeds of canine, bear in mind that this data collection doesn’t indicate that neither the Edgar Snyder Associates nor CDC support breed … Vigilant dog owners will ensure that mouthing, chewing, and nibbling on items is frowned upon. Tracking Breed-Specific Dog Bite Statistics. each year. Official Partner of the These animals pose a threat because they are more wild-animal than a domesticated friend, even under the best guidance from a trained master. They focused on wound size, tissue tearing, bone fractures, and other injuries severe enough to call in a facial trauma and reconstructive surgeon. (702) 382-0000, Home » Dog Bite Lawyers » Bite Statistics According to Dog Breed. Whereas a bite from a smaller dog might not be fatal. 40 reported bites was the minimum requirement for including a breed in the new study; 43 studies in the literature met that criterion. He was sent to the salt water, but to no effect. 2019 Dog Bite Fatality Statistics & 15 Year Highlights This year's release includes statistics from the 15-year data set (2005 to 2019). As mentioned above, Rottweilers and Pit bulls are the second and first most dangerous breeds. For breed analysis, we removed records of ‘mixed’ breed dogs and those for which a breed was not documented from both the dog bite records and the Treasury records prior to this analysis as we felt that these were a heterogeneous grouping that lack shared characteristics. You may be entitled to compensation. Let him see that most humans mean him no harm. Rounding out the list of most dangerous dog breeds is the Husky with 13 recorded fatalities from 2005 to 2017. This will teach the dog that its bite is dangerous to your safety. Dog bite statistics :: Each day about 1,000 U.S. citizens require emergency care treatment for serious dog bite injuries. These two lists are based on the Dog Breed Info Center(R)'s dog bite survey which ran from May 23rd 2013 to January 19th 2016, counting dog on human bites. The German Shepard produced 20 fatalities in total, mixed breeds accounted for 17 deaths. All Dog Bite Statistics. With more than 29 years of experience fighting for victims of personal injury in the Las Vegas valley, Attorney Adam S. Kutner knows his way around the Nevada court system and how to get clients their settlement promptly and trouble-free. As a nation of dog lovers, we love to know that our pets are living a happy and fulfilled life. “The purpose of this study was to evaluate dog bites in children, and we specifically looked at how breed relates to bite frequency and bite severity,” said Garth F. Essig, MD, lead author of the study and an otolaryngologist at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. Another massive dog, the American Bulldog produced 15 fatalities and are known for not liking strange company. In general, certain dogs are known for specific qualities. In general, certain dogs are known for specific qualities. Among having razor sharp teeth and a jaw that locks once it sinks into a target, the dogs are also known as a notorious threat. They also created a damage severity scale. Dog bite and animal attack cases are an all-too-common occurrence in the United States. 2019 fatal dog attacks by breed In 2019, 8 dog bite fatalities involved canines from 2 or more different breeds, thus producing a death count total of 59 rather than 48. Let’s look at some other statistics as we rank the breeds of dog most likely to bite or attack according to the data. The following is a list of the ten dog breeds statistically most likely to be involved in a fatal bite-incident. Their soft teeth are not meant to penetrate the fowl they capture. The dog breed most likely to bite you has been revealed. Of all injuries related to dog bites and dog attacks, 57.9% were to males. COVID-19 Update: AAHA staff is currently working remotely and will support our members virtually. Still, the city’s dog bite statistics from 2019 show about 7% of incidents involved pit bulls, and the most serious reports name pit bulls more than any other breed. Annually, about 14,025 citizens are hospitalized due to dog bite injuries. Schedule your free consultation today. Posted Jun 03, 2019 . All orders are currently shipping as normal. “The purpose of this study was to evaluate dog bites in children, and we specifically looked at how breed relates to bite frequency and bite severity,” said Garth F. Essig, MD, lead author of the study and an otolaryngologist at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. Pit bulls inflicted 85% of these adult deaths. That’s hard to say, Important message regarding AAHA and COVID-19, Infection Control, Prevention, and Biosecurity, 2020 AAHA/AAFP Feline Vaccination Guidelines Web Conference, Connexity 2020 Virtual and On-Demand Conference, Distance Education Veterinary Technology Program (DEVTP), Secret Lives of Fleas: What Really Goes on in the Home, Strategies for bringing back clients, finances, and production postpandemic, Practices Celebrating Accreditation Anniversaries, AAHA Board of Directors notice of position vacancies, Notice of AAHA Board of Directors slate of nominations. However, under the right guidance and loving household, even the most aggressive dogs are a welcome addition to the family. Pit Bull. Also, keep the dog active in healthy exercise throughout its upbringing. We pulled the more popular breeds from the very long list and factored in the popularity ratio. Pit bulls were responsible for the highest percentage of reported bites across all the studies (22.5%), followed by mixed breeds (21.2%), and German shepherds (17.8%). 1750 — Charles Godman Bitten by a rabid dog and later died. Tony McReynolds One notorious breed known for its violent tendencies is the Pitbull. But it's probably not the one pictured above. German Shepards are the third most likely dog breed to attack. Speaking of wolfs, the Wolf-dog hybrid breed can be very dangerous. Levy Online Web Design. | Retrievers are also among the friendliest and most sociable breeds for human companionship and work-related partnerships. Another dog known for its brutal reputation is the Rottweiler. The number of dogs. We’ll later take a look at the breeds that inflict the most non-lethal bites. Article bookmarked. 2 However, smaller breeds of dogs have become more popular. However, their fatality statistics are more a result from helping humans than harming them. The most common victims are children, most of whom are bitten by family pets. In order to understand the overall statistics for dog bites in America, it is best, to begin with the Pitbull. Injuries associated with dog bites and dog attacks were sustained most frequently by 5-9 year olds (28.5%). Does this threat hold true? Most injuries occurred at the victim's own home, 34.2% or other home, 30.3%. But a lot of the dog’s behavior is learned by its upbringing. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are the breeds least likely to bite or inflict harm on a human. The most common victims are children, most of whom are bitten by family pets. These are scary statistics. 1. All Rights Reserved. SHARE. But scary becomes a lot less so when you’re armed with the right information. By that logic, their teeth would hardly penetrate human skin. These numbers may appear shocking, but they could say something else. Terms and Conditions | Privacy Notice | Grabbing at the dog was the behavior most likely to provoke the dog to bite. With incredibly sharp teeth and vise-like jaws, the Pit Bull has earned a reputation as one tough customer. On average, 2 people in the U.S. die from rabies each year. 06 Jun 2019 • Latest figures ... the dog population has stayed pretty stagnant with 24-26% of the UK population reportedly owning a dog. Below are 10 breeds that bit the most and 10 breeds that bit the least. 55.6 percent of all dog bite fatalities occur in children less than 10 years old. Are Pitbulls more prone to bite than other breeds? Pit bulls contributed to 69% (33) of these deaths, followed by "mixed-breed," involved in 6 deaths. That is: how can one make sure their dog will not bite? 8 dog breeds each contributed to 1 death, including: American bulldog, Belgian malinois, coonhound, doberman pinscher, Dutch shepherd, great dane, husky and mastiff. 25 percent of fatal attacks are inflicted by chained dogs of various breeds. Top 10 Fatal Dog Bite Statistics. Vegas Golden Knights, Free Consultation Fatal dog attacks in the United States cause the deaths of about 30 to 50 people in the US each year, and the number of deaths from dog attacks appears to be increasing. The study was conducted over the course of 32 years (1982 – 2014) in both Canada and USA. But which breed bites the most? The Retrievers understand their bite is not fatal, so they hardly even attempt it unless prompted by danger. But which breed bites the most? Around 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, resulting in the hospitalization of 6,000 to 13,000 people each year in the United States (2005). Our breed risk rates measure fatal dog attacks relative to breed population sizes.The fatal dog attack statistics (scientifically known as dog bite-related fatalities or DBRFs) used to calculate the risk rates are sourced from a peer-reviewed study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). In short, there is some truth to the myth that Pitbulls are a dangerous breed of dog. For more information on dog bites, contact our personal injury attorneys for dog bites. Wednesday 03 August 2016 12:30. This is not a deterrent, as Huskies are among the smartest breeds. Kate Nelson. New study identifies most damaging dog bites by breed. Picking Your New Family Dog: Considerations & Safety Tips, Homeowner & Landlord Liability for Dog Bites, How to Treat Dog Bites and What to Look For, How to Protect Yourself Against a Dog Bite. This dog is often sought out for its majesty, but with unqualified or lack of training, Huskies will be very aggressive. Lakewood, According to pet statistics, owning a dog may decrease the risk of heart disease-related death by 36%. In January 2019, we obtained five years of dog bite statistics from the city (2014-2018). Injuries occurred most often in the summer, 37.7%, and most frequently between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m., (32.7%). Sometimes, smaller dogs such as poodles and Chihuahuas have somewhat of a Napoleon complex and can be of the most vicious. Let us check the statistical period of 2005 to 2017. CO 80228. For the first time, the 30-49 age group sustained more deaths (13) than the 0-4 age group (12). If one worries over their safety, a Retriever is always an option. July 13, 2017. These figures were compared to the incidence of bite by dog breed. The battle will begin when the dog is still a puppy. The culprit is a popular family pet. Dog Breeds That Pose the Highest Risk of Hurting Children Bite risk seems greatest from pit bulls and dogs with wide, short heads. recorded 48 fatal dog attacks in 2019, the highest recorded in a single year. If all else fails, one should call a professional dog trainer to set proper limitations for their furry friend. All rights reserved. In general, does the breed of a dog factor into its potential for danger? Instead of arguing that Pitbulls bite more, one could say they are more efficient once they strike. Mixed-breed dogs and pit bulls were found to have the highest relative risk of biting, as well as the highest average damage per bite. Most of all, you want to know which breed of dog is most likely to cause harm to humans. To get that info, we’ve decided to simplify the information we got from wherein they outlined the dog breeds that are notorious biters. MORE. Background Dog bite studies are typically based on hospital records and may be biased towards bites requiring significant medical treatment. San Francisco Dog Bite Statistics by Breed, Severity, Gender and Reproductive Status Over a Five Year Period (2014-2018) In 2005, San Francisco became the first city to enact a mandatory pit bull sterilization law. Home » Dog Bite Lawyers » Bite Statistics According to Dog Breed. The findings showed that dogs with short, wide heads who weighed between 66 and 100 pounds were the most likely to bite. Being that some of the most dangerous dogs, statistically speaking, are also among the most popular breeds for domestication, a question may come up in pet owners’ minds. They are, in order: pit bull, mixed breed, German shepherd, terrier, and rottweiler. Return to your topic: Dog bite statistics. - 10 Dog Breeds with the Most Bites. © 2020 American Animal Hospital Association. Pent up aggression can get the dog (and its owner) into trouble later on. Consider that these dogs are used for hunting. AKRON, Ohio — A new study is giving insight into which dog breeds are most at risk to bite people and how severe the injuries could be. Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for dog bites. That’s hard to say, because according to a new study, “unknown” tops the list. 1 The below statistics and studies examine injury occurrence and the breeds of dogs most likely to inflict severe and fatal injuries. 1773 — A servant of a man in Bromley, Essex He died of rabies received from the bite of a rabid dog. The Husky-wolf hybrid can be extremely unpredictable. The Popular Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite You — and They're Not Pit Bulls Michael Roberts | April 20, 2018 | 6:38am Click to see more photos from our "Parade of Pit Bulls" slideshow . For instance, German Shepherds are regarded for their intelligence, Labradors for their sense of smell, and St. Bernards for their size. Collecting dog bite statistics is an important area of public health inquiry: the frequency of dog bites is high, costs are staggering and the emotional and physical damage inflicted onto a human, particularly a child, from an attack by a dog can be great. (Mother Nature Network) According to the findings of a study conducted on 3.4 million people in Sweden, researchers found that owning a dog may be directly linked to a lowered chance of dying from cardiovascular disease. Animal control deals with problematic dogs of all breeds. Designed by According to Canine Journal, an organization that compiles and analyzes all of the dog bite attacks in the country, Pit bulls accounted for 284 deaths in those years. About 28,000 people require reconstructive surgery per year to correct damage and scarring from a dog attack. This is a staggering 65% of the overall dog related deaths, at 433 Americans killed between 2005 and 2017. To assess bite severity, researchers at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center reviewed 15 years of dog-related facial trauma cases from 240 patients who were treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and the University of Virginia Health System. Photo credit © iStock/Molly_Wolff_Photography, 12575 W. Bayaud Ave., Statistics, fatal dog attack data, and breed risk rates: 47+ Number of different breeds involved in fatal dog attacks in the U.S. since only 2016, confirming that serious dog bite-related incidents are not a breed-specific issue. EMAIL. "We wanted to provide families with data to help them determine the risk to their children and inform them on which types of dogs do well in households with kids. According to Canine Journal, there were an estimated 78 million dogs in the United States as of 2016. During this period, canines killed 521 Americans. Here at, we've put in hundreds of hours of research into studies, surveys, and reports to compile this helpful list of dog ", Essig also explained why “unknown” tops the list of breeds: “We often didn’t know what type of dog was involved in these incidents, [so] we looked at additional factors that may help predict bite tendency when breed is unknown.”. Some of the most dangerous dog breeds are very popular for pets, including Huskies, German Shepherds, and of course, the aforementioned Pit bulls. Those additional factors included weight and head shape. On average, the cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay is $18,200. Breeds such as Great Dane and Akita were found to have a lower relative risk of biting; however, the average damage from these bites was high. The U.S. population is approximately 328.2 million people as of 2019. Source: Recent DBRF data. Dog breed Victim's name, sex and age Circumstances 1737 — James Brooks Bitten by a rabid dog and died.