UNpacked these bigger than I thought speakers, and did notice a bit on the chepap side for packing, although I have definately seen worse packing than these. carreview.com | BIC claims that the 8-inch low-frequency drivers can recreate frequencies as low as 25 Hz, which is nearly inaudible to the human ear. The greatest attribute about their sound is they don't fatigue your ears (after break in), having just had a 5 hour session, and I really hated to stop then. stock speakers at low volumes are very pleasein and sound awesome!!!! 350-Watt 2-Way Bookshelf Surround Speaker carries on the legacy of the first BIC/Formula Series introduced in 1973. However, the one that made it intact seems upon lifting it and overall feel to be fairly solid. yeah, again we go into the " no way there audiophile because of the price,...yada-yada - yada. I started a Rick Derringer cd, and turned up the volume on my B&K PRO-10MN pre-amp, i right away noticed the nice tight bass from these, and the VERY CRYSTALLINE highs from this highly praised tweeter. I am shocked at these now, and am definately keeping them!!!! Starving Stereo for Poor People / T Amp + Bic America speakers, The BIC America DV64 6.5 tower has a 90 dB sensitivity. Everything is right. I primarily use these speakers for DVD's and music. I would suggest the dv-64's if you wanted a pair, this is Ed's specialty, b ut Im not complaining about my NEW dv-84's very open sound, and very real sound, alsomt scary real, if you didnt know better, you wouldnt know this was a stereo, youde think ALL your LP's were of the band in your home. I hooked them up and WOW what a difference. If you want to save some money, that is the deal for you. $144.99 Your ... don't fix it." 4.8 (9 Reviews) Be the first to ask a question; $169.99 Your price for this item is $169.99. The first thing I noticed was the imaging. On a side note, I may still ask Mr. Frias if he will upgrade my Xovers. Slim-Design Tower Speaker for Home Theater and Music Model# DV64 $ 134 72 $ 134 72. Compare. Shop By Price. The midrange output seemed to be little much. 4.7 (10 Reviews) 1 Question; Customer images. I haven't made up my mind yet, These speakers sound awfully darn excellent as it is. Power handling, crisp 3dimensional sound. But I think I may have an interesting take on the percieved brightness of these speakers. Gift Guide. stock sound is appaling and VERY bright, it hurts your ears at high volumnes high volumes - forget it, have the crossover mod done!!!! I already have the Fiio (love it!) Black finish I bought these from Sears and they arrived undamaged via UPS. In a larger room the mids might be considered more "room filling" than overpowering. The (2) 8" woofers and (2) 8" passive radiators along with the 3/4" soft dome tweeters appear to be of good quality. I have Decca, Phaze 4 albums that never sounded right with AR's, Infinity's, and KEF's, and I stopped playing them. Even if the efficiency is high (96db), sound is never bright, and dynamic helps emotion to come, on any type of music. My Harmon Kardon receiver and Sony player are packed away (I'm in the middle of a move) The bass section, not as impressive as the rest. If you want high quality speakers look for this name brands: JBL, Infinity, Definitive Technology, Klipsch, Energy, Mirage, Martin Logan, Focal, Tannoy, PBS, Thiel, Boston Acoustics, Revel, Paradigm, B&W, Krell and Sonance to name a few. Some Klipsch speakers have excellent sensitivity; as high as 93 or 95 db per watt, which is ideal for a low-power amp. It can be used in the front and rear channels of a home theater system. I am poor. Just answer this, please. I've audtioned 3 cd's through a Panasonic DVD player/ Kenwood VR107 receiver I've used in my bedroom system. These speakers came a little slow from the shipper, but thats to be expected these days. I have had them as loud as my receiver will allow without any distortion. No floor spikes and they slide easily on carpet. As I've received those speaker from www.acousticsounddesign.com (perfect transaction by the way) two weeks ago, I can now add my own review : and let's be clear, even if those speakers are the cheapest speakers I've ever bought (since I'm not 13yo anymore), they are definitly not the weakest I've had. I want towers, please. MSRP: $2299/System. The tweeter was the same, somewhat bright at the beginning, and smooth and detailed now. Perhaps I was just speeding up what would have occured naturally had I broken them in for a month, and I am actually surprised that it worked. The finish is average overall, but good for this price point. I had to try them out before I send them back. great sound, soundstage is everywhere, no dead spote, unless you get carried away and try to get sound from behind them! BIC Acoustech PL 980 tower Speakers music demo1 - Duration: 4:58. The BIC America Formula Series FH-65B 6-1/2 in. They have four large drivers each; that isn't going to work. Like the DV64, the DV84 are an excellent match to the DV62CLR-S center channel. second time buyer of BIC America speakers, had a pair of Venturi bookshelves back in late 80's. If you can manage to get them shipped to you without sustaining damage and you're looking for an affordable floorstanding speaker set that can play loud, yet detailed and if your looking for a great speaker instead of a great piece of furniture that reproduces sound ..... look no further. It's sealed. The BIC America 7.2 DV64-12 system offers audiophile sound for far less than an audiophile price! I'm a loud music junkie. | audioreview.com, 5-way video shielded tower speaker system, Freq resp: 24 Hz-22 kHz with 3 kHz crossover, Undistorted amp power: 10W-250W, 90 dB at 1W, 1m. It is ridiculous to expect significant bass from ANYTHING when you are using a flea-power amplifier. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: mtbr.com | I'll rate them in a few catagories for you. This is one hell of a deal. If I mostly watched movies and TV, I may not have modified them because I … The sad news is that the speakers will do that for you if you just hang in their. Top Rated Bic Dv64 to Buy Now . The DV64 towers, DV62CLR-S center and the top-rated DV62si surrounds include the… thats very nice these days!!!! In listening to my vinyl collection, I've heard details that I've never heard before, usually somewhat startling when they pop up. I received the speakers in good condition without any shipping damage like the person below described. Like the DV64's, the DV84's are an excellent match to our highly acclaimed DV62CLR-S center speaker. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Now raise the sub levels and everything compliments each other as your home ent. I've played both CD's and Records, and the speakers perform very well with either medium. All Rights Reserved. Other than that the speakers are loud, but lack bass, Great acoustics Low price Handles anything. I auditioned towers from Klipsch, Cerwin-Vega and Sony that cost up to $300 each and none of them performs as well as the BIC's in my opinion.. PRICE PAID: $300/PAIR Summary: These speakers replaced HTD Level 3 Towers, and are now in use for over 40 hours. Oh well, I listen to alternative rock, classical, jazz, etc., and these speakers are a dream. DV64 SKU: 2750444. The 8" Slim-Design Tower Speakers from BIC America are "star performers" for both music and video. Will be worth your time and is worth every penny!!!! Front Vent. and a Nuforce UDAC-2 as a source.Â. My review goes for the BIC Acoustech HT75...not listed in here. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Yamaha NS-F210BL or Polk Audio T50. I'm really looking foward to receiving my Bic DV62 center channel and rears to round out my system for theater use. And my first thought was to send the whole works back and say "screw it" and wait for a different deal to come around, but after scouring Best Buy's, Circuit City's and Ultimate Electronics I found that there was absolutely no way I was going to find a speaker that sounds this good at this price from one of those places. Should one reasonably expect the Bic's 6.5" woofers to produce substantially fuller, lower bass than that of the Pioneer's 5.25" woofers? BIC America has 30 years of experience under their belt & seems to have found the perfect balance of quality components & price. To echo everyone else, what’s the deal with the tweeters? I would also recommend that you get the Cables To Go #28750 audio switch box, which is only $13 from Amazon and will allow you to switch between up to four audio sources as needed. BIC Venturi 7.2 DV64-12 System – 2000W 7.2 Home Theater System with Dual 12” V1220 Subwoofers. I had a pair of Klipsch KLF-30 towers and I still kick … These speakers are a SCAM!! I really haven't heard a speaker that sounds this good for such a small price. I had 3 speakers shipped to me and 2 were damaged. Rather week cabinet build. I continued to turn up the volume to a higher than usual volume, and left the house for a several hours, I returned and turned the volume down right away, I became situated on the couch, and forgot i have no remote with the B&K so i had to get up again, i turned up the voume after changing my cd to Judas Priest's - Defenders of the Faith remastered cd- i gave the volume a nice almost halfway on my B&K, i sat back and was shocked--The bass was very nice sounding, the midrange was very good considering there 8 inch woofers, they were a tad muddy, but not to bad for my ears, the dv-64's I have heard are much better. I'm sorry folks, these are old style speakers with butyl surround and you can't do what you're doing and judge what these speakers can do sound wise. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Sony SSCS3 is more popular I've heard Cerwin-Vegas ********ed with type of music and they do really well with it. I feel the price on the Net are very good for the quality you receive. But I am really liking these. They handle voice, violin, piano, horns, drums with ease, and efficient (meaning I have the volume at a lower setting than my previous speakers). When I first hooked them up I, too, was struck with the overpowering highs from the tweeters. More on Audio Components. I noticed the ear splitting hjighs of these speakers, now I know the term "bright" the trebble was so overpowering, i had to get off the couch and turn it down, im not sure about you, but this is VERY uncomfortable to listen to at high volumes, as its hard on the ears and makes one feel unease because of the high pitched sound. My rating system is something like this... I think the bass section might be helped by a subwoofer (just cut them at 60Hz), cause the vented enclosure is too punchy for me, but when you see the size of these floorspeaker, when you're hearing it, you just cannot realise it only cost 289$. This IS due to ED and the crossover fix he has done. Sub not needed, but extra funky. Put the speakers back together, and put on the same Judas Priest cd as the highs on that cd as you can imagine are very loud. Hear the full, rich sound of your favorite music or movie with Bic America speaker. They ate it up and asked for more. BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker, Black (Single) ... more 5.1 i just wanted a good pair of speakers with no sub to listen to good music. I've read everyone's review and I immediately noticed a consistent issue. The speaker features two 6.5-in active woofers with two 8-in passive radiators and one 0.75-in tweeter. I may try that C2G switch box. Bic is not a high quality speaker. I was looking to buy a new pair of main speakers on Amazon and came acrossed the DV-64's which eventually led me to the DV-84's. I took the bottom 2 speakers out to see what the ohms were and they are FAKE speakers! Customers like Sony SSCS3 way more Sony SSCS3, the pricier option, tends to get more favorable reviews than BIC America Venturi DV64 [4.7 vs 4.2 ]. Customer rating. I really hope this break-in thing works, I had to turn the treble down a good bit on my amp. Room size and listening location could be a factor here though.... 15 x 13. with me 10 feet away and speakers 7 feet apart. bass had much more detail & slam, midrange was so clean sounding, and all the harshness is gone, highs were very nice now and rolled off very nicely. The extreme lows come out nice. It offers output capability of up to 116 dB (live rock band levels), while offering refinements that surpass all predecessors. Bass lines are independently audible and kick drums translate with authority. The dual 8\" woofers provide even greater output than the DV64, and extra bass extension from dual 8\" passive radiators. ill start by saying the guy below with the shipping problems, granted this is not your fault, but this should not deter your opinion of the sound quality or build of the speakers, for which you tared below because you were mad at the shipping service! The bass at first seems a little light (conversational level), but then you give it some volume (movie theater level) and all of the sudden there it is... and ALOT of it. and a Nuforce UDAC-2 as a source. Mine didn't smooth out until I had about 40 listening hours (I kept a running tally of time, as I always do), and that isn't unusual. Horrible - Poor - subpar - average - good - very good - excellent I'm hearing things that I used to need a powered sub to hear albeit not at an extreme output, but it blends nicely with everything else. It sounds good, but I’ll feel better when/if this ‘break-in’ does it’s thing and I can set everything back to normal. I already have the Fiio (love it!) I experienced some change in the sound from day 1 until now, and now provides very good detail and excellent transient response. What he's doing is changing the output of the speakers emphasizing one part and de-emphasizing others. I just purchased a new pair of mono-blocks rated at 500W into 8/ohm. BIC America 125-Watt 8 in. Slim-Design Tower Speaker for Home Theater and Music are star performers for both music and video. These speakers sound really, really good. BIC America 200-Watt 2-Way 6.5 in. These would primarily be used for home theater use in a 15'x25' room (movies/tv). Build Quality: good The BIC America DV 84 250 Watt 2-Way 8 In. the difference Ed had made was just amazing, it rivaled my ALtec Lansing 508;s which are very nice sounding, and my much older B&W bookshelfs which are looking pretty shabby these days, but the drivers are all new and have been replaced, but still the BIC's just outshines all my speakers.