The powerful ferrite magnet along with 1.25” KSV copper voice coil makes this unit ideal for cars. By continuing to browse this site you’re agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The speakers are also equipped with an advanced crossover network. The speaker has been designed for easy installation in almost any vehicle. Now, let us find the top car speakers available at the price range in which you are interested: Rockford Fosgate 6.5″ Component Speaker System Euro Fit 2-Way with External Crossover P165-SE Punch: The good thing about this component speaker from Rockford Fosgate is that with a single purchase, you will get a couple of pairs. They are designed larger as compared to other similar speakers in the market. The speaker comes with a polyglass cone, diamond-cut aluminium chassis, phase plug and processed aluminium inverted dome tweeters. For the precise linear excursion, this unit comes with poly-foam and UV-treated surround assists. This system combined with an amp and subwoofers would knock any audio lover’s socks off. The woofers feature polymer/mica composite cone with butyl rubber surround which ensures longer durability. What’s the Component Speaker? The voice coils in this unit are made to withstand high temperatures besides maintaining the fatigue properties and strength. The speaker comes with mounting hardware, external crossovers, tweeter mounts and grilles for easy installation as well. Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch – Top Rated Bass Speaker for Car. As these are component speakers, there is no attached amplifier, and the equalizer is external and able to be adjusted, so when installing, be sure to find an easy place for the slider. The depth of the woofer mount is 2-5/16 and the sensitivity of this unit is 88 dB. 5) JBL GT7-6C Component Speaker System– Best Budget Speakers; 6) Focal K2 Power 165 KRX2 Component Speaker Kit – Best Car Audio System for Sports Cars; 7) Pioneer TSA1676R 3-Way Speakers – Best Budget 3-Way Car Speakers; 8) Kenwood KFC-P710PS 280 Watts Performance Series Component Speakers – Best MidBass Speakers How much sensitivity you should get largely depends on you and your car system. The already mentioned tweeter does its job well providing you with a good high-frequency response. They are, by far, the cheapest option, price-wise. Max power is 160W, with a 80W RMS, and a sensitivity of 88dB. ... we are required to choose the amplifier type that best suits our speakers, our room, and our individual musical-aesthetic predilections. What’s next is the best 5.25-inch component speakers by CT Sounds. The diamond array pattern helps with reducing the distortion as well as improving the bass sound. In addition to woofers, this system also encompasses tweeters and crossovers. Infinity Reference 6530CX 6-1/2″ Component Speaker System: This product from Infinity comes with edge-driven textile tweeters. Most buyers feel it to be expensive to the given quality and tech specs. These speakers feature high-tech construction for maximum sound quality and durability. Also, each crossover network features 3-level tweeter control, and this will allow you to select three different crossover points. The overall sound is quite good, with the bass sounding especially nice. The basis of every component speaker is a mid-bass driver, pair of tweeters, and crossovers. It has some cool components as well as a great sound. You can use one in the front portion of your car, while the other can be used in the rear portion. We use cookies to enhance your experience with us. In our opinion, the Pioneer TS-A1676R is the winner today. Some of the additional features include one pair passive crossover, two-way passive crossover, 12 dB Octave Slope and a wiring kit is also included with the purchase. The main advantage of this speaker is the price which makes it a great budget choice. For the users who are on a budget, the Budget Picks are a great choice to replace your factory speakers. As the device does not include a crossover, using one supplied by Kenwood will bring in more sound quality. The max power is 180W with the 60W RMS, and the sensitivity is 92dB. It’s also small so it should fit pretty much anywhere. ... budget-priced speaker out of parts that cost a mere handful of dollars. Naturally, not everyone will care or have a problem with this, but it’s worth noting. With the item weight of 6 pounds, the unit has a shipping weight of 11.8 pounds. The three-ohm low-impedance speakers balance for the undersized wires that are present in most cars these days. This 2-way custom component system that includes a pair of woofers, tweeters, and crossovers, has a max power of 400W, and a 200W RMS. The speaker is equipped with a custom rubber surround with paper cone, and a high grade ferrite magnet. You can mount this speaker with three different possibilities, so you shouldn’t have problems finding the right place in your car. There are speakers out there that go well over the $500 mark and naturally they can produce some amazing sounds, but chances are that people who are looking for those kinds of speakers, are very knowledgeable and already know what they are doing. An amazing speaker from Focal, the PS 165 V1 produces awesome natural sound with no distortion. The newly engineered baskets are optimized to make sure that it fits any type of car. Also, a separable crossover, with one part for the woofer, and the other for the tweeter, makes installation a breeze. What’s interesting about this speaker is that it is “marine certified”, which means they are designed to withstand toughest environments, and as such can be used in boats. Installation is pretty simple. When he's not writing for MuchNeeded, he spends his time raising his daughter, playing guitar and occasionally hitting the gym. They perform excellently on high volume and have an easy installation. Due to the edge-driven dome tweeters you can expect a great sound with minimum distortion at higher volumes, and a glass fiber woofer is there for all your bass needs. This speaker features VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique ) technology that provides a larger surface area for the cone, which in turn improves both the efficiency and maximum output capabilities. As expected, the quality can’t compare to the other more expensive speakers but this one does its job pretty well. The best 6x8 component speakers we found were the Alpine R-Series R-S68, which comes back by Alpine's long history of audio excellence. GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System from JBL: This speaker system from JBL comes with carbon-injected plus one cones. It’s not obvious that most stock car speakers aren’t good enough, and that leaves you looking for some good ones you can buy.. Even though these are expensive crossovers with a lot of copper coils in them to ensure advanced sound filtering, the entire set is offered within your budget. The 12dB crossovers included in this unit has a smaller footprint for easier installation. At this cost, this unit provides the sound clarity produced by mainstream speakers. Also, you can check out our Audiophile’s Guide to Buying Car Speakers 2020 if you want more details about car speakers. It often happens that after purchasing your dream vehicle, you are not satisfied with its audio system. When not over-powered, this speaker set will produce a decent musical experience all through your car journey for sure. A heavy-duty motor/magnet structure featuring extended voice coil ensures a great performance and bass. Similar to other products, Alpine delivers what music-loving car owners expect. Naturally, everyone’s taste differs so in the end it all comes down to you and your preferences. The 2-way component system crossovers are gap-selectable so you have the option for a midrange upgrade. 5. The max power is 300W, with a 100W RMS, and a sensitivity of 90dB. RED DIAMOND AUDIO IS A PARTICIPANT IN THE AMAZON SERVICES LLC ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR SITES TO EARN ADVERTISING FEES BY ADVERTISING AND LINKING TO AMAZON.COM. You cannot go overboard with this speaker. Your email address will not be published. With a peak power rating of 1000 Watts per pair, this set has a couple of 2″ Tweeters with Titanium Diaphragms. You can usually ask the seller this as they will generally have someone knowledgeable about the topic. Another interesting thing to note is that the speaker has very low impedance, only 2.5 Ohms. It means users can expect the best listening experience from this set. You can use one in the front portion of your car, while the other can be used in the rear portion. The woofer in this system features mica/polymer composite cone with butyl rubber surround. It still does okay in that regard but more demanding users will have a problem with it. 6.5 inch component speaker set with full-range crossover from CT Sounds: This set is offered as overall full-range speakers set that encompasses grilles to protect woofers, crossover boxes, tweeters and woofers along with other enclosing cases. Power is measured in Watts (W) and it gives you an estimate on how much oomph you can get out of a speaker. Along with mounting hardware, this set also has a couple of crossover networks, a couple of tweeters and a couple of midrange speakers. If you are not too knowledgeable, you can think of this as an average power rating. As you know, a component speaker is a term used for denoting a car audio speaker that is matched for optimal sound quality. It comes with silk dome crossovers and tweeters. For clear and precise highs, the speaker is equipped with the liquid cooled silk/polymer composite dome tweeters with neodymium magnet. The woofers feature polymer/mica composite cone with butyl rubber surround which ensures longer durability. Full Range Speakers. Good luck and happy shopping! Best Budget Component Speaker System Polk Audio db6501 6-1/2" Component System The Polk Audio db6501 is a fine choice for those who want great performance without spending too much money. 8. Your email address will not be published. That being said, it isn’t needed but some users might find it lackluster in some areas so a subwoofer is a good idea. 3. The woofers have a carbon fiber/polypropylene cone and santoprene rubber surround which helps with the longevity. Its sensitivity is 86dB, which is a bit lower than usual but it shouldn’t pose an issue. It sounds either dull or the high bass sounds get stretched out so much that it is even difficult to hear the lyrics or the music. Infinity uses Plus One technology woofer technology that extends the cone allowing for more surface area, which translates to more tight and robust bass. Component speakers usually use the best quality components and offer more customization options. The unit features a double-level tweeter volume adjustment. The tweeter in this unit is a 1” silk dome tweeter. As the unit encompasses a couple of speaker, the total 180 watts Peak Power is applicable. CT Sounds Strato 5.25 Inch – The Best Compact Component Speakers. Our Virginia-based experts love helping folks find the right gear. This is a feature that is hard to find in many other similar speakers available in the market. Also, mcheck the size of the speaker to make sure it will fit in your car. When it comes to choosing the best 6.5 speakers, there are two things that you should consider. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6.5″ – Best Mid Bass Car Speaker. The Audiophile-grade crossover network permits for the frequencies to be divided with perfection between the 6.5” woofer and the 1” tweeter. Further, it has a couple of 1-inch tweeters along with an upgraded external crossover. All products and services mentioned on are chosen by our editorial staff. The rubber compliments the entire structure of the speaker permitting constant abuse. For greater heat dissipation and higher power handling, the unit comes with soft-dome tweeters that feature oversized voice coils. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable speakers you can get and you might sacrifice a bit of quality for a cheaper price but those speakers are still way better than your original car speakers. Boss Audio Systems provides a powerful three-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty, The tweeter in this speaker is made to withstand overloads to be used without Crossover because of its electrical property, Rubber Surround ensures durability and the best sound quality, Great set of features in mid/woofer, crossovers and tweeters, Expensive crossovers included at a very affordable cost, Aluminum Tweeters with Titanium Diaphragms included, Made out of paper and so careful handling is a must. The unit has the patented i-mount system that permits incomparable flexibility irrespective of whether you surface-mount of flush-mount the component tweeters. The robust ABS Grilles in this unit are computer-optimized and are based on unique MOMO Designs. Considering the price, this speaker has a very good sound, partially due to the high temperature ASV voice coil which provides a rich sound and ensures low distortion, although some might find the bass lacking. Plus, you can swap them with the factory grade speakers that came with your car or use them in an upgraded system if you really want to pump up the jams. JBL GTO939 GTO Series 6×9″ – Best Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality. Best Component Speakers Under $150 Rockford Fosgate P165-SE Punch 6.5" 2-Way Euro Fit Component Speaker System with External Crossover (Pair) Best 6.5 Component Speaker under $300 Alpine SPR-60C 6.5" Car Audio Component System (Pair) Best 6.5 Speakers 2021. Depending on your car and your stereo car system, not every speaker will be compatible, so it’s important to check the model and the manufacturing year of the car to make sure everything will work correctly. Two-way component car speakers, plus tweeters and crossovers, Unbelievable technical specifications at an excellent price. It is made even special with rubber surround. Our mission is to make purchase decisions easier for you with reviews you can trust. The speaker is also equipped with a separate audiophile grade tweeter, separate midrange and a dedicated 2-way crossover. Once you buy this product, you can use it in two cars as it comes in a set of 4. A great speaker with high sensitivity and low impedance, capable of producing a really great sound. When checking the speaker’s power, you’ll be usually checking the RMS (Root Mean Square) of a speaker as this indicates how much continuous power a speaker can handle. These are usually the best sounding and the most expensive car speaker systems. This speaker is also equipped with a two-layer 25mm Kapton voice coil former that ensures high power handling and great reliability, and there is also a pole plate heat sink that ensures better heat dissipation. The tweeter also does its job well with the high-frequency range, and the combination of all components produce a satisfying sound. To achieve better precision of frequency cut-off, the unit features PEI dome tweeters along with polypropylene cone and Santoprene rubber surround. Each tweeter in this set is covered by chrome-plated metal-mesh face grille. All Rights Reserved. 2Way Custom Component Speaker System 6.5” from Pyle: At the very first look, you will feel that this product is unique as compared to any other Best 6.5 Component Speakers Under 200. It has a max power of 150W and a 75W RMS, with sensitivity being 93dB. Rockford Fosgate 6.5″ Component Speaker System Euro Fit 2-Way with External Crossover P165-SE Punch: The good thing about this component speaker from Rockford Fosgate is that with a single purchase, you will get a couple of pairs. In this article, we are going to compare the 8 best component speakers in 2020 for a gander at exactly what is on the current market. To make sure that users can get surround sound in their vehicle, this product comes with 6.5” plastic woofer cone, which has been carbon-fiber reinforced. Clear and smooth highs due to edge-driven textile tweeters, Big plus-one woofers might not fit all cars, A perfect blend of affordable pricing and quality sound. The unit has a power handling capacity of 60 Watts RMS/120 Watts utmost. Still, for the money involved this is an excellent sounding speaker and they give you a great value. Budget Component Reviews. The good thing about these speakers is that they are built to handle even the toughest environments. If you’re looking to replace your car’s factory set of speakers, our top choice for the best component speakers is the Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Audio Component System.