Otelo Vertrag trotz negativer schufa

Hi Sandor. Everyone living in Germany gets a schufa score eventually. I think SCHUFA works with other countries like Switzerland, Austria and a few others. Can’t find the source anymore, If you apply for a loan from a bank, for instance, the bank makes a Schufa inquiry. As part of this investigation, the bank seeks relevant data that shows your payment reliability. Depending on this information, the bank then grants you a loan or rejects your request. Not only banks but also property managers, telecommunication service providers and car salespeople often have the right to make a Schufa query directly from Schufa Holding AG. But your approval is essential; that is why the second party in the contract asks you to sign a form before they make the inquiry. Overdrawn/negative accounts or excess use of dispo. While renting an apartment, your landlord will most probably ask for a Schufa statement. If you ask Banks for a loan, they will make a Schufa inquiry before they decide your request.

Even if you buy a cell phone or lease a car, your contract usually includes a Schufa-related clause. Hi Bastien, I was living and working in Germany for 2 years, but unfortunately I had to return home for a while. I had an internet contract with Telecom. I wanted to close my account before I leave, but for some reason they refused to let me pay in advance the rest of the months. I didn’t really had the time or the energy to deal with the unprofessionalism of Telekom so I moved and I didn’t plan to pay them until it was time to close my account. And sure enough few days ago I received a letter from a debt collectos company and after I confirmed with Telekom that my account is closed, I payed my dept. The amount was 325€. Since I’m not registered in Germany any more I guess that I can’t request a Schufa.

But recently I was accepted for a master, so I plan to return. Other than that my Schufa should be completely clean, I never asked for credits or loans or left any bills unpaid, always paid in time. So how negative is the 325€? (I payed before the “expiration” date it was set by the collectors company). Can this really prevent me from finding a Wege or a home? Just a rugh answer will be fine. Best regards Eran Hi, Sir, if incase my schufa Scorer is Bad in Germany, will it still show if i move to other European country like Britian or France? I got a fine because of not buying a ticket… (my wallet has been left in my office when I went home…) Then I paid the fine in time. For this case, my SCHUFA will get a negative entry record or not? SCHUFA saves all personal data (first and last name, date of birth, residential address), details on bank accounts, cell phone accounts, credit cards, leasing contracts, personal guarantees, etc. In der Vergangenheit mussten Verbraucher mit negativer Bonität oftmals teuer telefonieren oder sich beim mobilen Surfen mit Tagesangeboten und Prepaid Tarifen abfinden. Die Zeiten haben sich geändert, denn heute können otelo Kunden ganz einfach einen günstigen Handyvertrag trotz Schufa abschließen und zwischen diversen Allnet Flats oder maßgeschneiderten Tarifen mit Freiminuten und flexibel wählbarem Datenvolumen entscheiden. Die Vorteile sind vielseitig, da sie über den Wunsch nach der vollen Kostenkontrolle hinausgehen.

In der mobilen Kommunikation sparen und sich für einen Handyvertrag trotz Schufa inklusive Smartphone entscheiden ist eine Möglichkeit, den aktuellen Trends zu folgen und mit otelo ohne Einschränkung am gesellschaftlichen Leben teilzunehmen. so my question is , does this mean if I was just traveling in Germany as a foreigner without opening any bank account nor complete my Anmeldung, I don’t even have a schufa number ? because I’m worried this would affect my visa application since I never paid the fine. In some cases employers can ask for a SCHUFA report. A negative schufa score can restrict your ability to borrow money, rejection of contracts or even rejection of an application to open a giro account.